Friday, August 30, 2013

Trophy Predictions for 2013

Baylor is the current holder of the jiMpossible-sarcasMike Trophy. Looking ahead, it might be theirs for a while.

Baylor opens tomorrow night with Wofford. The Terriers finished 9-4 last year in the FCS. Baylor is a 30 point favorite in the match-up.

In week 2 assumed winner Baylor will host Buffalo. Using the current CFRC, Baylor is ranked #20, Buffalo is #98.

Week 3 would have Baylor again at home facing Louisiana-Monroe. ULM is ranked #72 in the CFRC.

Week 4 Baylor starts conference play hosting WVU. The rankings are getting closer, but the Mountaineers are #50. If the pollsters know anything (WVU is only ranked above Baylor in 2 of the polls) this should be a Baylor win.

Week 5 finally has Baylor leaving Waco and heading to the Little Apple - Manhattan, Kansas. This should be a close match-up. KSU is #16 in the CFRC and the home team. I'll predict a Wildcat win here.

KSU has a bye week then hosts WVU, should be another Wildcat victory.

KSU should handle Iowa State the next week before heading on the road to Lubbock to face Texas Tech.

The Red Raiders are ranked #46 - should be enough for a Wildcat victory.

TCU (#23) might be favored if the game wasn't in Manhattan - so we'll keep the trophy with KSU the following week.

Just before Thanksgiving, KSU hosts Oklahoma in what could be (depending on what KSU already did in Stillwater) the de facto conference championship game. The Sooners are #16, we'll give the the win and send the trophy on to Bedlam.

The Cowboys are ranked #10 and hosting the game. We'll give the victory to Ok State.

The Cowboys will definitely be bowling - the win over Oklahoma should seal it for a BCS game - if not the BCS championship game. But staying true to the CFRC, we'll put Alabama and Oregon in the MNC game. That would put OK State in the Fiesta Bowl against, let's say Notre Dame. Another Ok State win.

Looks like a pretty safe year in the Big 12 for the trophy.

M vs. CMU prediction based on historical data

M is 179-49-1 in all games I have attended (data is ONLY for games I have attended unless otherwise mentioned)
M is 59-14 in non-conference games
M is 150-34-1 at Michigan Stadium
M is 129-20-1against unranked opponents
M is 152-35-1 when ranked
M is 7-1 when ranked #17
M is 2-0 vs. CMU
M is 19-1 against MAC schools
M is 148-38-1 vs. Public Schools
M is 9-1 with #12 as starting QB
M is 104-26 on artificial turf
M is 15-2 in games with Brady Hoke as their head coach (M is 16-2 when Hoke coaches either team)
              Quick rundown of all M coaches: Bo 42-8; Mo 24-7-1; Carr 86-18; RR 12-14
M is 17-5-1 when facing schools with Native American nicknames
M is 32-5 in the 1st game of the season
M is 4-1 in August
M is 15-2 with a QB starting his 3rd game
M is 4-0in their head coach's 18th game
M is 1-0 when facing a head coach who beat M as a starting QB

It's easy when you add it all together:

M 47 CMU 7

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Central Michigan University Prediction

Catholepistemiad of Michigania  41
Central Normal School 18

Season Prediction

Season Prediction: