Friday, July 26, 2013

FIeld Goals

Wolverine Historian posted a 9 minute video of Michigan's successful game winning field goals since Bob Bergeron Beat Iowa in the rain in 1983 

When I was a kid it seemed like Michigan only lost games by field goals. Here are games Michigan lost to last second field goals in my recollection:

1972 Rose Bowl Stanford makes ~30 yarder in final minute
1973 OSU - Mike Lantry misses at least once in the closing minutes - games ends in 10-10 tie, but the Buckeyes go to Pasadena
1974 OSU - Mike Lantry again "misses" as the clock runs out. Michigan fans still think it went inside the upright, but OSU won 12-10
1976 Purdue - Bob Wood missed a field goal at the end. I remember listening on the radio - Ufer, in full disappointing voice, "it's up, it's no good, Michigan loses 16-14..."
1980 - Notre Dame's Harry Oliver waits for the howling winds to stop and kicks the game winner
1984 Sugar Bowl - Auburn's field goal in the last minute makes another bowl loss for Bo
1985 - Iowa - Rob Houghtlin keeps Iowa #1 over #2 Michigan
1986 - Minnesota kicks a late field goal to steal a victory from Jim Harbaugh
1988 Mike Gillette can't match Reggie Ho's late field goal in South Bend
1988 - Miami's late field goal completes their furious comeback
1996 Northwestern kicks a late FG to make it 2 in a row over Michigan
2000 - Purdue holds M out of the endzone in the 2nd half and wins it at the end on a short field goal
2000 - After Anthony Thomas's famous fumble leads to a Northwestern TD - Michigan actually moves into field goal range - but a bad snap leads to Hayden Epstein throwing an incomplete pass
2005 Rose Bowl Vince Young did all the damage - but Ernest Shazor just missed blocking the field goal the defeated M
2005 Minnesota ruins homecoming
2007 The horror at the end of Appalachian State
2008 KC Lopata misses against Toledo

bad memories one and all...