Friday, August 13, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - 22 days

October 22, 1983

Michigan 16 - Iowa 13

Another homecoming game with my parents. Much like the first game I attended, this game was played in the rain. My mom even decided to stay and watch the game at the hotel rather than sit in the rain. So I went to the game with my dad and cousin Barry.

Both teams came in at 5-1 (M lost at Washington, Iowa lost at Illinois). Michigan was ranked #10, Iowa #12. The teams had split the previous two meetings. Iowa was really in the heart of Hayden Fry's best seasons.

At some point during the game the MMB initiated the first wave in Michigan Stadium history. Unfortunately, M was on offense and needed to take a timeout because they couldn't hear the signals.

It was mostly a battle of field goals. Michigan's Bob Bergeron was 2 of 3 early to put the Wolverines up 6-0. Iowa's Tom Nichol answered with a school record 56 yarder.
Rick Rogers scored the games first TD on an option pitch from Steve Smith late in the 3rd to put M up 13-3.
Early in the 4th the Hawkeyes mounted a long drive but when Chuck Long's 3rd down pass was just short of Ronnie Harmon in the endzone, they were settling for another field goal. But they weren't - the holder pulled the ball up rolled to the right and hit a receiver in the back of the endzone - the PAT made it 13-10.
Gerald White bobbled and then fumbled the ensuing kickoff - giving the Hawkeyes a great chance to take the lead early in the 4th. But they settled for another field goal, tying it at 13.
With 1:41 left - Rodney Lyles recovered a fumble at Michigan's 28 yard line. A mix of draws (it was Bo coaching after all) and a 25 yard screen pass to Rogers put Michigan inside the Hawkeye 29 with 12 seconds left. Bergeron came on for a 45 yard attempt.

With 8 seconds Michigan kicked off through the endzone for a touchback. I remember my dad and Barry discussing if this was the right idea. No time came off the clock. What is more likely two plays to go 80 yards or a long kickoff return? When Tony Gant Picked off Long's last pass, the choice was moot.

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