Monday, August 9, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - 26 days

October 20, 1993
Michigan 28 - OSU 0

John Cooper had an outstanding record at OSU, but the 2-10-1 record against Michigan is what eventually did him in. The first few years of the rivalry, Michigan was expected to win and the bucks couldn't pull the upset. The 1992 game ended in a tie that OSU President Gordon Gee called the "One of the greatest wins in OSU history."
In 1993, these roles had reversed. OSU came in 10-0-1, and ranked #5. Michigan's string of five straight conference titles was definitely gone, M was unranked at 6-4.
I sat with Matt Byron and his brother at this game. I'm pretty sure his brother came just to rub in an OSU victory over his little brother's Wolverines. His outlook changed quickly, as M dominated the game from start to finish.
Michigan's defense dominated the Buckeyes QBs - Bobby Hoying and Brett Powers into multiple sacks and 4 interceptions. Todd Collins hit Mercury Hayes for an early TD, Hayes made a great adjustment to the ball while it was in the air and finished with a diving over the shoulder catch.
Michigan scored 3 other TDs on the day, Ed Davis and Jon Ritchie on the ground and Che Foster caught Collins's second TD pass.
Just complete Michigan domination on this day. The Michigan victory sent Wisconsin to the Rose Bowl and the Buckeyes to the Holiday Bowl. This win took much of the pain off of a disappointing season.

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  1. For this one I was in Monterey
    I purchased a TV specially for this day
    Electricity went down
    I started to frown
    Til I called my mom and she said "hip hip hooray"