Monday, August 30, 2010

M Blogs

I decided to put all of the M blogs to my feedreader because the way I had them set up before (on a Google Home page) I only read the ones on the top of the page, and missed entire blogs. This way, I will miss many many posts, but I will get much better idea of which blogs I like and are worth reading. There are about 30-35 blogs, plus some comments have rss feeds also.

A few days after I put all of them on, I went out of town for 4 days with no internet access. So when I returned there were 193 M football blogs (that doesn't count MGoBlog which will stay with my regular feeds so I never miss it). I doubt if any of those posts will be read, as there were about 110 of my regular feeds that I have to weed through.

Of the M football feeds I have read, though, there are a couple of trends that aren't surprising, but are definitely annoying.

1) Unreasonable optism: I think the most popular record predicted for M in these blogs (by the authors and the commenters) is 8-4, with many more saying 9-3 than anything below 8-4.
2) Not unlike the commenters on MGoBlog, there are opinions that are considered gospel, and if disputes that opinion all other posters (and the author sometimes) gets all over them. An example is that Toussaint was picked as the started running back or the #2 by an entire panel (5 or 6 people) on one blog. I hadn't seen him any higher than #3 on anyone else's list or or pretty much anywhere. Either they know something I don't, or they are stupid sheep.

Overall, I'm sure I will miss about 70-80% of all posts once the season is going and I am here on weekends (other than on gamedays). But that will still be better than missing entire blogs for the entire season.


  1. I thought there were some good comments from one of the WLA people on mgoblog. They were coming to the defense of players Brian and other commentators were calling "potential busts".
    It is early to consider Vlad or Thor busts. So they aren't high on the depth chart, they're still here working and helping the team.
    So many blogs... are you able to tell how many actual visitors we get that aren't you or I?

  2. Does Hoot look at the blog? That would be one. Other than that, I doubt if there are any.

  3. I think some of my family has been reading the countdown series. Sue teased me that I had mentioned staying with "my sister Ann" for the 89 Rose Bowl, but said we stayed "with my sister in Chicago" for the Iowa 85 game. So I had to go fix that...