Monday, August 2, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - 33 days

November 25, 1989, Michigan 28 - OSU 18

The first two posts in this series were just that, firsts. This game turned out to be a last. The last game I attended with Bo Schembechler as head coach.

Michigan came in 9-1 ranked #3; the Buckeyes were 7-2-1 and ranked #20. Michigan's ground game carried the day, in true Bo fashion. Hoard, Bunch and Jefferson all scored on the ground added to a Bunch TD catch from Michael Taylor.

It was 14-12 Michigan in when a 4th quarter (M was ahead 14-0) Todd Plate interception (not sure who Frye was throwing to) followed by a 40 yard Hoard run gave M some momentum for a quick score. OSU marched back down and scored again. The PAT was blocked by Tripp Wellborne, keeping the score at a field goal. Vada Murray had blocked a FG earlier, was there ever a better pair for blocking placekicks at Michigan?

With 3 minutes left and still a 3 point game, Plate picks off his second Frye pass near midfield. This leads to the final classic Bo, fullback dive for the final home TD of his coaching career.

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  1. The last Bo game, this wasn't mine
    I saw the Bowl game in ole' Pasadine
    Vada's injury was scary
    He stayed down long (very)
    Look for me on the OSU sideline.