Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comment #1

With Denard Robinson becoming more and more a possibility of being a starter or significant player, and being cautious that forcier could be injury prone and actually miss games due to injury, the main concern I have about Robinson isn’t whether he can make the plays (run and pass), though that will always be there until he produces during a game when it matters. Rather, the primary thing I wonder is whether Drob, as a running qb, is fit enough to play an entire game and still be effective at the end of the game. Hopefully, Tate will play well enough to either play the entire game, or will spot Drob enough to keep them both fresh.


  1. I'm sure you've seen the numerous comments on mgoblog about how statistically running QBs are no more injury prone than passing QBs. So I guess you're questioning velcro's stamina etc. Well, certainly Barwis will make sure he's in good enough shape to play 4 quarters.
    I'm with Chad Henne - if they're equal I prefer Tate - I still have no confidence in Velcro's sling shot throwing motion.

  2. Though I'm not sure I'm buying the running/passing QB info from mgoblog, etc., but that isn't really what I'm saying. I'm talking about stamina only. He is a sprinter by nature. Sprinters don't run 10 miles. That's my concern.

    Barwis is an idiot.