Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowl Predictions -National Championship

One bowl to rule them all.

National Championship is tonight.
I picked Clemson, 42 points in the Altese pool and 25 in the Dehlin pool.
I'm potentially still alive in the Dehlin pool, but the Altese has been finalized.


Name Current scorepossible score

Here - no one can catch Sue even if she is wrong tonight. She has already taken the trophy from my dad!


Name Current scorepossible score

Kevin can potentially be caught, unless Norm, my dad, Tom and I all picked the same team he did. At kickoff I'll be able to see who everyone picked and know if I have a chance.

Go Tigers!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Prediction for 2016 record

My 5th annual January prediction for Michigan's upcoming football season record.

2012 - predicted 9-5 - ended up 8-5
2013 - predicted 10-4 - ended up 7-6
2014 - predicted 9-4 - ended up 5-7
2015 - predicted 10-3 - ended up 10-3

What will the Harbaugh magic bring for 2016?

9/3 - Hawai'i - Win
9/10 - Central Florida - Win
9/17 - Colorado - Win
9/24 - Penn State - Win
10/1 - Wisconsin - Win
10/8 - @ Rutgers - Win
10/22 - Illinois - Win
10/29 - @ MSU - Win
11/5 - Maryland - Win
11/12 - @ Iowa - Win
11/19 - Indiana - Win
11/26 - @ OSU - Win
12/2 - B1G Championship game - Northwestern - Win
12/31 - Fiesta Bowl - Baylor - Win
1/9 National Championship Game - Alabama - Win

15-0 , why not?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

jiMpossible-sarcasMike Trophy update

Amazing comeback by TCU, down 31-0 at the half, they come all the way back to win it over Oregon in triple overtime 47-41.
Full post on the trophy and its potential for next season coming soon.

Bowl predictions - day 2nd to last

Four bowls remain before the national championship, and they play them all today.
Here are my picks:
Gator Bowl: Penn State (6-Altese; 9-Dehlin)
Liberty Bowl: Arkansas (40-Altese; 42- Dehlin)
Alamo Bowl: Oregon (9-Altese; 10-Dehlin)
Cactus Bowl: West Virginia (36-Altese; 41-Dehlin)

My trophy dreams may be dying, I've gotten 7 bowls in a row correct, but I've fallen further behind.
I trail Sue by 64 points (and Paul by 46) in the Altese pool. In the Dehlin pool, I trail Kevin by 25, Sandy by 15 and am tied with Norm.
In both family pools I do have more points remaining than those above me, "so you're saying there's a chance!"

Friday, January 1, 2016

Florida Prediction

Erin Andrews University Gators 20
Dana Jacobson University Wolverines 23

Bowl predictions New Years Day

Five games on tap today. Here are my picks:
Outback: Tennessee (18-Altese; 24-Dehlin)
Citrus: Michigan (16-Altese; 23-Dehlin)
Fiesta: Ohio State (10-Altese; 4-Dehlin)
Grand Daddy of them All: Stanford (21-Altese; 27-Dehlin)
Sugar: Mississippi (25-Altese; 33-Dehlin)

In the Altese pool, I'm in 2nd. I trail Sue by 12 points.
In the Dehlin pool, I'm in third, 38 points behind Kevin and 14 behind Sandy.