Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bowl predictions - day 2nd to last

Four bowls remain before the national championship, and they play them all today.
Here are my picks:
Gator Bowl: Penn State (6-Altese; 9-Dehlin)
Liberty Bowl: Arkansas (40-Altese; 42- Dehlin)
Alamo Bowl: Oregon (9-Altese; 10-Dehlin)
Cactus Bowl: West Virginia (36-Altese; 41-Dehlin)

My trophy dreams may be dying, I've gotten 7 bowls in a row correct, but I've fallen further behind.
I trail Sue by 64 points (and Paul by 46) in the Altese pool. In the Dehlin pool, I trail Kevin by 25, Sandy by 15 and am tied with Norm.
In both family pools I do have more points remaining than those above me, "so you're saying there's a chance!"

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