Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Report The News

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Why is MGoBlog linking all of WTKA? It is messing up my RSS Reader.

Friday, January 29, 2010

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Pressbox is completely gone!

Wasn't sure if you saw this photo showing the demise of the Michigan Stadium Pressbox

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WTKA listener poll question

Who will win the Super Bowl?

I hate the ones where you are asked to predict, rather than give your opinion. So....

In my opinion, the Colts will win.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nice try Lysol, but I'm smarter than that

Have you seen this commercial for new Lysol hand soap in a touch free dispenser? The ad makes it sound like it is so horrible to have to touch a "germy" soap dispenser while washing your hands. Um - NEWSFLASH - after I touch the "germy" soap dispenser, I wash my hands!!!!
A hand free faucet, that makes sense, hand free soap dispenser or not needed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lions and the Big Game

With the Saints Super Bowl bound that leaves the Lions, Browns (II), Jags and Texans as the only teams not to make the Super Bowl.
Officially the Lions and the Browns have the longest streaks. The NFL considers the Ravens an expansion team and the recreated Browns the extension of the former AAFC team. That's ridiculous, the Ravens "expanded" with the entire Browns roster and front office??? So in my mind it is the Lions and 3 expansion teams.
The Lions are the definitely the only NFC team not to make the big game. Even the Seahawks who spent a majority of their time in the AFC have qualified as an NFC team. The Colts in the AFC since 1970, have represented the Nationals in the Super Bowl...
No franchise is more deserving the reputation as the leagues worst!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


M is #90 through last Monday. I'm not sure why I even look at this anymore.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funny Comic

Speed Bump free online comic strip library at

Wrestling Makes History

For the first time in 28 years, the wrestling was shut out, losing to #1 ranked Iowa 36-0.

There is no question RR needs to be fired.

Health Care

I think I've figured out an economical way to reduce health care in the US. It is very simple, actually.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

67 cents per apple X 365 days X 300000000 people = $7,336,500,000/ year. That is about 1/3 of the plan floating around congress (which likely won't pass in the senate now, anyway).

Then, with so many people not seeing the doctor when they need to, the population will reduce, saving even more money.


NCAA Infractions

The longer we have to wait for the NCAA to finish their investigation, the more concerned I become. Maybe that should make me less concerned. I just don't know.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Presidents vs. Super Bowls

This Blog has noticed that Obama is the 44th president and we're coming up on the Super Bowl XLIV. (Am I allowed to mention the name or do I have to say the 44th "big game"?)
He is comparing each president against his respective Super Bowl - George Washington vs. Super Bowl I, etc.
I think it is a brilliant idea, so far the presidents are winning 15-12. Looking back I don't really disagree with any of his picks.


With Smith transferring and Graham and Minor graduating, er finishing their eligibility, M is losing 3 Brandons. I think in the history of college football, that must be a record.

New Logo for the Sparties

I found this in the Uniwatch blog. Looks like MSU worked with Nike to get a new logo for their football helmets.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Sod We Trust

Stumbled on this blog dedicated to different fields/stadiums etc.

Looked back a little and found some interesting items. Could be a good one to watch going forward...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Have you seen this website? It seems like quite a business scheme. People bid on all sorts of products and the winning bid is always way below the value of the product - Macbook Pro for $4.01; 46' HD TVs for $30.75 etc. How do they do it?

They charge everyone 60 cents per bid and bids only go up 1 cent at a time. So for the HD TV there were 3075 bids x 60 cents = $1845 added to the $30 covers their cost and makes a nice profit.

Individually, the winner may have made 10-100 bids - but is $60 a big deal when you're potentially saving a thousand dollars? It's the bidders who don't win and coughed up $60 (sixty cents at a time....) that provide the profit, and they're probably so angry they didn't win, they'll try it again on the next one that comes up. Brilliant!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Gardner WILL be here for spring practices, after all. Certainly, that is more good news than bad, but I don't think it is the great news a lot of people think it is. And if it is that great, that means Forcier is either hurt, transferring, or not playing up to his abililty. Which isn't good news at all.

In other words, let's hope this is a non-story.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Robinson Runs

As you probably know, if you've read MGoBlog or a number of other M related blogs, DRob won the 60m dash in a dual indoor meet against OSU yesterday. The Laceheads showed up in droves, creating a loud atmosphere, and MGoBlog had a horrible video showing the race.

My intention of this post was to criticize the laceheads for being laceheads and for only going to a track meet because of celebrity instead of actually caring about M track. And I was going to say something like "great win and all but that would only get you 14th place in the big ten meet" or something like that.

However, I looked it up and found that his time yesterday would have placed him 4th place in last year's Big Ten Indoor Championships. And that is the first time he's run that distance. Wow.

He is fast. If he could run the offense, he could truly be a great football player. I'm ordering my t-shirt.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Prediction

Though it is always possible a few more polls could be entered in CFRC, I think the rankings will pretty much be solid as the final rankings for the season.

M is currently #77 (good showing in the polls, Big Ten). That means M improved 20 spots from end of last season (not 40). I am still going to use 40 spots, because I want to be positive about next season. At # 37, here is what would happen (home field will be applied later.)

Conn #34 Loss

ND #51 Win

Mass Win

Bowling Grn #76 Win

IND #91 Win

MSU #57 Win

Iowa #11 Loss

PSU #10 Loss

ILL #90 Win

PU #68 Win

WIS #18 Loss

OSU #6 Loss

That's 7-5. Conn became a loss after they rose a bit more.

Accounting for home field

Conn #34 This would have to be a home win

at ND #51 I have to count this as a loss

Mass Win

Bowling Grn #76 Win

at IND #91 Win

MSU #57 Win

Iowa #11 Loss

at PSU #10 Loss

ILL #90 Win

at PU #68 Win

WIS #18 Loss

at OSU #6 Loss

Again 7-5.

Wisconsin is the closest thing to a toss doing it this way. Even with that game, M would finish 8-4, and that is with M improving twice as much as the previous improvement. It isn't all that encouraging, but it is an improvement. And with a bowl win, it is a 2-5 game improvement which is rather significant.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

USC investigation and databases...

Listening to WTKA's morning host (admittedly a huge bias against things not Michigan) discuss the "cheating going on at USC" got me thinking about the potential sanctions.

If we assume that some time in the future, the NCAA declares that Reggie Bush was ineligible and takes away wins from USC; what does this do to Michigan's record in the games I've attended? Do I just convert the 2004 Rose Bowl to a victory? Also what happens to the all-time trophy?
USC took the trophy from Michigan in that Rose Bowl... I think this controversy just got much more interesting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baseball HOF voting

Drew Sharp was on Ryan Ermani's show this morning as a HOF voter. Ermani asked him about a Buster Olney quote where he suggested that baseball should take some of the "steroid era" questions out of the hands of the voters, come up with some level of steroid abuse that turns them into Pete Rose and keeps them off of the ballot. Don't leave the "moral" judgement solely up to the HOF voter.

Sharp, said he thought that was silly, he thought it was the responsibility of the voters to include that information in their decision and didn't want others to take those decisions away. Then he used Craig Biggio as an example. He said there has never been any suggestion that Biggio was a steroid user, however he felt that since he played in the steroid era, he wasn't sure he could vote for him.

Seems to me like banning players from the ballot, a la Pete Rose, might just help alleviate that problem. If MLB of whomever could classify a player as "not a steroid user", that seems like it would help the HOF voters.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michigan Basketball

One great come back traded for one humiliating defeat...

Bad Michigan 16 25 41
Opponent 31 40 71

Good Michigan 37 48 85
Opponent 28 24 52

Above is a scoring comparison of the first half against Penn St and the second half against Northwestern (Bad Michigan) vs. the first half against NU and the second half against PSU.

I didn't watch much of the PSU game, I flipped over and saw M was way behind then watched the BCS football game. I switched back and saw M was closer, then switched back again and saw M up by 5-6 and watched to the end. From what I read, they started making shots and causing turnovers.
From what little I saw of the NU game, it looked like turnovers were the problem. Manny Harris has always been loose with the ball and Darius Morris seemed to have quite a few turnovers as well.
This team can only succeed when they get more shots per possession than the opponent. They will seldom win the rebound battle so they need to take better care of the ball.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

sarcasmike National Championship

Florida takes on Texas at the Rose Bowl (actually at UCLA since I haven't unlocked the Rose Bowl "game" yet)
5 Texas turnovers make the difference
The final is Florida 51 Texas 21
Florida QB #15 is the game and playoff MVP (the Conn-sarcasMike trophy)
The full tournament bracket is recapped here

Friday, January 1, 2010


If anything disproves the usefulness of the cfrc, it should be this. I used the cfrc to make my picks for my family's bowl pool. This is a confidence pool, so the game most confident you give 34 points to the game you think is most a toss-up you give 1 point to.
Using the CFRC, I used the differences in the rankings between the two teams to determine the confidence point.
The biggest difference was between MSU and TTU so, I picked Tech with 34 points, all the way down to the BCS champ game where there was only a 1 rank difference between Alabama and Texas.
So far the CFRC has gotten the 33 point (Fresno and Wyoming), 32 point (Nevada and SMU), 28 point (WVU and FSU) and 24 point (Houston and USAFA) along with 11 others for an overall record of 11-14 and a point total of 215. This ranks 18th out of 28 in my family and 225,666th in all of espn (better than only 32.9% of the other entries)
This all points to the fact that too many rankings make too much noise in the system
In the jiMpossibleandsarcasMike pool - where I made my own picks I am 14-11 and in the 90th percentile! Obviously my rankings are better than the CFRC and I should be consulted when you are looking for the relative strengths of particular teams!

Happy New Year!