Friday, May 29, 2009


As I sit here watching some WCWS, I can't help but wonder....

How do those catchers see those balls coming?


I agree with you,

I don't get how college sports fans who truly respect ther idea of "student athletes" could possibly not like things like development and minor leagues or allowing players to skip college or leave early (after one year, for instance). I don't care if the college athletes are the bottom 20% of their age level. As long as they are competitive with each other.

Derrick Rose and the NBA

So the latest NCAA scandal involving Derrick Rose having grades changed and someone taking the SAT for him to me points to the problem with the NBA's 1-year out of high school rule.
This kid (like many others) has no intention of getting an education - he just wants to play in the NBA.
Bob Knight has pointed out that the 1 and done rule is stupid because kids essentially only need to attend fall classes and enroll in the winter term to stay eligible. They don't have to attend a class in the winter term if they know they're headed to the NBA after the season.
His mistake is he thinks they should change it to a 2 or 3 and done rule. That just delays the problem. I think the opposite. Let kids who don't want to go to college play in the NBA right away. Basketball recruiting with the AAU problems and agents has enough problems. Let's get rid of kids who don't want to be there anyway.
Oh and why not require during term verifications that student-athletes are on the way to passing their classes?
There is a kid skipping his senior year of HS to play in Europe. Good for him. And good riddance from which ever college would have had his sham of a 1 and done service.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Damon "the Dog" Perry

I don't think there was a Mad Dog. But he was the Dog.


Wasn't there someone named Mad Dog, or something? I remember listening to is online when I was away.

radio dudes

The people you didn't know (italics is for you) were probably early wdfn guys that you may have missed while in the armed forces.
Ike Griffin was their first evening host - after Stoney and Parker. A big MSU shrill. Damon Perry was a big deal guy they hired away from somewhere else to take over for Mega. He was horrible and didn't stay long.
Keith Gave was their first morning host - he was the hockey writer forthe freep. He was pretty good.
Chuck Swerski came to WJR with a big Chicago sports reputation. The Detroit crowd never seemed to take to him. DFN used to have great ads against him and his "I love Chicago"..
Henson had a favorable draw. I was sad to lose Baligian in the 2nd round. And Wojo vs. Fithian could have been a final match.

radio dudes

The only one in your final 8 that I don't like is Henson. I like your final four and your final 2. I'd likely choose the same 2. I was a little surprised about Regner going so far, but he is unoffensive and a fan. I think I would have had Fithian going further.

There were about 5 names I didn't know. I don't know why it just went to italics.

Friday, May 22, 2009

SE Michigan sports radio bracket

Here's my latest bracket smackdown creation. SE Michigan sports talk radio hosts.

I had about 40 names to cut down to the 32 to begin with. I'm not sure I spent enough time with the seeding. I tried to go with who I thought was more "popular" area wide. Obviously the seeding then was very subjective. Stoney was the overall #1 seed, then just a sine wave throughout the 4 "regions" so essentially Ben Holden is the 32 seed.


Must have been that Ben Holden. He's kind of a tool, but you're right he's willing to discuss whatever comes up - no keeping it on topic.

Today they have the original WTKA sports guys. I can't think of their names, but they preceded Karsch and Fithian. They used to have an evening show. I think they have been doing high school games on WAAM or something like that.

Taste of Ann Arbor is Sunday the 31st after the Dexter-Ann Arbor run - you should come down and sample the local fare...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

espn360, wtka

ESPN360 has some good stuff on it. I think most of it is stuff on the channels and on ABC, but that makes it great for college football, as it plays other feeds. The image size isn't too big, but it is much better than other online ways to watch games.

I was listening to WTKA the other day. I don't know who I was listening to, but it wasn't Bacon and it wasn't DeFran. I think it may have been a sub, but I'm not sure. He was having a convo with the other guy (the producer, maybe) and though sometimes the level of knowledge and the grammar were crap, they did exactly what I wish more sports talk did. The talked about what they wanted to. They didn't stay on a topic because that was what a segment was about. They didn't avoid a topic and say "we'll be talking about that later", they just talked sports. Like you and I or any other two guys would do. They jumped to whatever was a natural transition into. It was nice. And though I don't remember if they had any callers during the entire segment, I get the feeling they would have let a caller join in and speak as long as was necessary for the comment to be made, and would have maybe stopped him if there was nothing useful coming out. I really enjoyed listening to them for those 20 minutes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It sounds like Comcast has come to an agreement with the NFL Network and ESPNU. I assume they'll be on the sports tier - which I don't get - so I still won't get them. However, the MLB network is apparently part of the standard HD package so there is some hope.

The more important issue is Comcast will allow ESPN360 on their cable Internet now, so I can watch any of their college football games every weekend over the interwebs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

OSUs dominance over M reaches 2000 days

I know it will reach at least 2190...

Of course OSU has really only "dominated" M for 20 of the past 15,443 days. I give M the edge on the other 15,423.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yeah, couldn't she have been pregnant with Daniel?


Didn't Richard mention his mother being pregnant while helping Jack and Kate? I thought there was something like that...


Was Faraday's sibling mentioned? I don't remember that.


and what was with the 2 Charlie references?

does fake Locke = man #2 (definitely) = black smoke (possibly) = ghosts seen on the island (maybe)

Was Hurley involved in the gunplay? I didn't see him shooting anyone... Probably driving, but he never got out of the van?

Who is Faraday's sibling? Do we know that?

OSUs dominance over M reaches 2000 days

And I'll be surprised if doesn't reach 2500.


Just like early in the season, when I start getting tired of things (this time it was wondering how time travel actually works, and knowing they aren't really explaning it), they throw new things in to confuse us. Locke IS dead? Jacob's dead now? Huh?

During all of those flashbacks, Juliet's was the only one without Jacob. Sayid's and Hurley's took place after the return from the island. Everyone else was before, I think.

Does that mean anything?

And when Jacob said "they're coming", he probably meant those who were in the past are now coming to the present. Or did he? And how would they? And did the bomb exploding mean anything, do anything?

I can't wait until next week's episode.

Lost bracket

No these are the selections I made. I tried to do a little thought into the seeding/bracket building. There was a main plane 815 bracket, the remaining brackets all had a large group of similars - others, externals, freighter along with the miscellaneous people to make 8 in a bracket. Then I seeded by who I felt was the "leadiest" character in the group.
I made my picks on who I liked best.
I think you can select edit or something and make your own picks on that bracket...

Did you watch last night? I thought it was very good.

Lost Bracket

Great bracket. I'm sure there are many others who have died, but you did a good job. I think you should have thought more about seeding, though.

Why did Charlie win? Is that something you did, or something the website does?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Bracket

Here's the dead on Lost bracket, I'm sure I missed some people.

Your url is

spring game

I agree, especially about the crowded stadium. The spring game should be about fun. It was a pain that there were so many people there we didn't get to tour the locker room. We were relatively packed in our seats with the announced 50k there, that's plenty for me.

Spring Game

I'm as much a nerdy Michigan fan when it comes to having the biggest stadium and being proud of it and all that. But, with this talk about trying to 'break the record' at the Spring Game, I have to say, 'WHO CARES?!?!?!'.

I find it to by such a silly 'accomplishment', or rather a silly attempt at an accomplishment. It reminds me of those Guiness records, Worlds Larges Pancake supper, etc. I don't really get it.

I think some people like the idea of showing that we are better fans than say OSU or Alabama. But, really, I don't ever want our fans to be compared to their fans. I hope M fans will always be reasonable, including not traveling 3 hours from GR to attend the scrimmage (for instance).

Do I want to see the Spring game? Sure. I wouldn't mind it. If I lived closer, I'm sure I'd go. But, will I go because there is a chance to break the record? Nah. In fact, I like the idea of being able to wander all over the stadium a lot more than being stuck in one seat. So, it is possible I would actually avoid it if I thought there would be 100K there.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the excitement that it may bring. The general good will that was lost with last year (and this year) has to be made up some way, and the moves to make the more popular is a good way to do it. But, trying to break the record and/or reach 100K is silly.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Naomi, Eko, Locke's dad, etc.

Not a bad idea for a bracket, really.

A rather silly site. I like it.

Bracket Smackdown

With the summer months making topics dwindle - I think it might be time to branch out into Stoney and Wojo's realm - a bracket. There's a book out, The Final Four of Everything, that apparently has all sorts of bracketed lists of the bests of everything. They allow the common folk to create their own brackets for whatever they want on this website

Maybe we can start with mainish characters who have died on Lost..

Trying to brainstorm the bracket:
Mr Ecko, Faraday, Charlotte, Locke, Boone, Boone's sister, Charlie, that couple with the poisonous spider, other who took pregnant Claire

I've become really bad with names -

Friday, May 8, 2009

times for games

I'm not really sure what the best rationale is for scheduling games. When living in Cali, I liked that MNF was on at 6. I would always miss the first part because I would be busy with dinner, etc, but I could always see the ending. I guess if I had a choice, all games would end by 10. I think it is more logical to play in front of a full stadium rather than starting a West Coast game at 5 and have people missing it.

I think they probably have it figured out as to what is best for the sport. They tried changing it for MNF and decided to go back. In any case, it really isn't something to complain about. If you are a big enough fan to stay up and watch it, then do it. If not, than don't. I didn't.

I've been up north since Tuesday, so I haven't been online since Monday at work. Until now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

one more whiney Wings fan comment

I have no problem with the Wings playing at 10:30 against the Ducks in Anaheim. All games should be played at a logical time for the local site. World Series games between Detroit and St Louis should start at 7 and 8 ET. World Series games between Colorado and Seattle should start at 9 and 10 ET because that way the local fans get to see the games in their local time.

People should not have to leave work early or stay up late to see their local team play.

BCS and whiney hockey fans

I don't think congress will ultimately be able to do anything - but if they continue to "pressure" the system - it could speed the process to a playoff - I would guess it will still start to small, with just an "and-one" system that really doesn't solve the issue.

If the NCAA realized how much money they're giving away by letting bowl sites own the college football post season they'd change the system pretty quickly.

I had no intention of staying up to watch the wings last night, but I ended up awake til the end (it didn't hurt that the 2000 UM-Northwestern game was on the BTN). I see how fans/players/coaches can be disappointed that the ref blew the whistle - but I think that situation - where a ref stops play because he loses sight of the puck - but it is actually still loose - happens probably 2-5 times a night during the regular season (counting all games being played). In this case the Wings put the loose puck in and probably did it before the whistle blew.

I don't think there is much of a judgement for the ref here. he saw it go under the goalie, he didn't see it come out anywhere - "I'm going to stop play" he and the wings were just unlucky.

By the way if "The A-Train" takes a knee after he breaks through the line of scrimmage M wins 51-46.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Congress and Football

I agree that congress could be influential, but do they really have a legal right? The difference with baseball is that nobody, not even those who were in the middle of it, thought it was right. Real, obvious, laws were being broken. Fairness was being compromised. And kids' heroes were being tainted (that is how you get the Dems on your side).

I think the only thing that is 'unfair' (in the fair trade practices meaning) is that non-BCS conferences don't get auto bids in the highest paying bowls. (in a regular definition of unfair, I just say 'get better and you'll get better bowls') Of course, there aren't enough slots for all conference champions to make it in. Would congress then have to make it illegal for there to be some B-Ball conferences without auto bids? I don't know. Congress could somehow say that is collusion, anti-trust, etc, I guess.

But, as far as congress mandating a playoff... that would be struck down in any court. Also, I think there would be a number of congressman who wouldn't vote for it because it would take money from their constituents (those in Detroit, for instance who would likely lose a bowl game, or at least make it even more insignificant). Simply, too many people with too much influence would be risking a loss of money. Therefore, it will never happen by congressional force.

I found it amusing that the one congressman kept comparing the BCS to communism, when what he wants is socialism. "Give the WAC a bid to the playoff." Let's say there was a 4 team playoff. Why does Boise St. think they would have made it in during their undefeated years? Or Utah last year. If they didn't, what would be their complaint (to congress, that is). Basically, their only real argument is for a playoff large enough that would ensure an undefeated team in their conference would make it in. Or some sort of auto bid for being undefeated, which would counter the real suggestion- schedule tougher teams in non-conference.

I heard there is a bill to make it illegal to call the BCS Championship the 'national championship.' That could pass, and it wouldn't really mean anything. Everyone would know what we are talking about. And they couldn't prevent me or you or any other top-of-the-line blogger from saying National Champion. Of course, I would probably call it the "Unfair National Championship".

Speaking of playoffs, why is it that they always talk about the BCS bowls (or BCS bowl locations) being hosts of the playoffs, if there is one? I've never really understood that. It really could take place anywhere there are people. I vote for Mexico City, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sau Paolo, NYC and Shanghai, with the FCG (Fair Championship Game) to be played at the Superior Dome (the closest Michigan indoor stadium to AA that isn't tainted by the Lions)

Congress and the BCS

What else should congress be concentrating on? I will say this - I think a case can be made that congress does have a role here because of interstate trade etc. And probably more importantly - I don't think MLB & their players union would have developed a steroid policy if congress hadn't held those hearings etc.

Ideally, the NCAA would have some actual authority and could "force" a playoff. But they don't have any real authority.

I could do without Texas - especially after the GW Bush Presidential Libary (I assume that's how he wants it spelled) is finished.

Monday, May 4, 2009


"Congress examining fairness, financing of BCS system"


I'm not surprised someone from Texas (home of the best helmets in college football) is at the front of this campaign. They'll get the BCS changed just in time for secession.

harper's island

It got moved this week - it was on Saturday night in stead of Thursday (? I think).

Harper's Island

No, I haven't seen it. It looks good and interesting, but it is either on at a time something else is on, or it is on when I am going to sleep.

choosing Michigan & Harper's Island

I would agree - I'd go with taking the MNC over attending/watching games. Where do I sign up for this?
Are you watching Harper's Island? I like the show, but I can't understand why no one is questioning where Uncle "Harry Hamlin" and the one bridesmaid are. Seems a little unrealistic that only the apparently psychic kid notices anything is wrong. (other than the people who know others are dead...)

Patio, etc.

It looks nice. I generally think those things look easy to do, but whenever I see them doing something like that on TV, it looks like a bear trying to get it level, etc. We would have considered something like the frame of our deck hadn't been in such good shape last fall. Basically, we just replaced the top boards and removed the step that went 1/3 of the way around.

I realized yesterday that watching OT hockey is one of my least favorite things. Sure, if my team scores it is very exciting, but if my team doesn't, there isn't even a "miss it!" moment like during a FG attempt by the opponent. It just sort of....ends. I watched very little of the OT periods. I just kept coming back. Of course, I happened to see the game loser.

And this is exactly the opposite of how I am with M football. I want to know the score. I don't care if I watch it, but if I do I want to watch it as it is happening. When I was in Bosnia and I knew I would be watching tape delay, I didn't do that "don't tell me" thing. It was more important that M won, than for me to have the excitement of watching the game without knowing the score. One of my friends didn't get it. I guess I was a bigger M fan than he is a Washington fan. Or something. I really don't know. That makes be bring up this question: A genie comes to you and says that you have to choose one of two things. 1) not see any M football on tv, nor listen to it on the radio. You can read about it the next day, but that will be all that you know about the entire season. With that, M will go undefeated and win the MNC. or 2) You can spend as much time as you want watching, etc. and can attend all games (home and away) with great seats, etc., but M only goes .500 (pretend last year didn't happen and this year isn't going to). Which would you choose? I have to say I would feel much better to know that M wins the MNC. How about you?

If you tweaked the question slightly, it would get harder for me, but I think it still shows that I care more about M, than I do about my experience seeing M.


Our patio is now complete. I think it was a major success. Now I need to figure out if we can use the Stadium seating I have in a picnic table or maybe as seating on the retaining wall.
Also a cool version of Casey at the bat using baseball cards to tell the story.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I caught a little of the game, but I didn't see you. I hope they checked you out and made sure you don't have swine flu. At the clinic, I mean.

HAHAHAHAHAH. Never a dull moment.

Tiger game

Hoot and I are heading to the Tiger game today. There is an on-field "clinic" before the game - so we're going to make it down on the field.
Look for us on Fox!


Yes, I do remember that. It was all about the revolution (of course). I was disappointed when they stopped doing it. Imagine how smart I'd be if they had been doing it all these years.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Do you remember the "That's the way it was 200 years ago today" commercials? Some TV personality would tell a quick historical story about something that happened on that date in 1776. I don't remember anything more than the catch phrase.


I don't remember that in 1976. I was too busy celebrating the Bicentennial.

I think I would still be more scared of getting shot or kidnapped in Juarez, than getting swine flu. That place is out of control. A (mexican-american) guy I knew in the army once told me to never go to Juarez without a Mexican with you. You'll be stopped by the police (walking or driving) and will be arrested, unless you give them money.

But I hear they have good Mexican food there. Of course, they just call it "food". (humor credit goes to Chandler)

swine flu

Do you remember the swine flu panic back in 1976? I remember it always being on the news - people lining up to get shots. I don't think I got a shot - maybe too young?''

My nieces are in Juarez this week building a house. The family was worried for months about the drug violence going on down there, but now we get to add pandemic to the worries. Hopefully Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs won't have closed the border before they get back.