Thursday, May 21, 2009

espn360, wtka

ESPN360 has some good stuff on it. I think most of it is stuff on the channels and on ABC, but that makes it great for college football, as it plays other feeds. The image size isn't too big, but it is much better than other online ways to watch games.

I was listening to WTKA the other day. I don't know who I was listening to, but it wasn't Bacon and it wasn't DeFran. I think it may have been a sub, but I'm not sure. He was having a convo with the other guy (the producer, maybe) and though sometimes the level of knowledge and the grammar were crap, they did exactly what I wish more sports talk did. The talked about what they wanted to. They didn't stay on a topic because that was what a segment was about. They didn't avoid a topic and say "we'll be talking about that later", they just talked sports. Like you and I or any other two guys would do. They jumped to whatever was a natural transition into. It was nice. And though I don't remember if they had any callers during the entire segment, I get the feeling they would have let a caller join in and speak as long as was necessary for the comment to be made, and would have maybe stopped him if there was nothing useful coming out. I really enjoyed listening to them for those 20 minutes.

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