Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Game

I'm as much a nerdy Michigan fan when it comes to having the biggest stadium and being proud of it and all that. But, with this talk about trying to 'break the record' at the Spring Game, I have to say, 'WHO CARES?!?!?!'.

I find it to by such a silly 'accomplishment', or rather a silly attempt at an accomplishment. It reminds me of those Guiness records, Worlds Larges Pancake supper, etc. I don't really get it.

I think some people like the idea of showing that we are better fans than say OSU or Alabama. But, really, I don't ever want our fans to be compared to their fans. I hope M fans will always be reasonable, including not traveling 3 hours from GR to attend the scrimmage (for instance).

Do I want to see the Spring game? Sure. I wouldn't mind it. If I lived closer, I'm sure I'd go. But, will I go because there is a chance to break the record? Nah. In fact, I like the idea of being able to wander all over the stadium a lot more than being stuck in one seat. So, it is possible I would actually avoid it if I thought there would be 100K there.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the excitement that it may bring. The general good will that was lost with last year (and this year) has to be made up some way, and the moves to make the more popular is a good way to do it. But, trying to break the record and/or reach 100K is silly.

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