Thursday, October 27, 2016

MSU prediction based on historical data

Michigan is 202-59-1 in all games I have attended
        - Data is only for games I have attended unless otherwise stated
M is 131-44-1 in conference games
M is 16-9 vs. MSU
M is 33-15 away from Michigan Stadium
M is 24-12 in true road games
M is 6-5 at Spartan Stadium (4 straight losses)
M is 73-21-1 on natural turf
M is 9-6 when playing in front of a crowd between 70,000 and 79,999 fans
M is 69-28-1 vs. schools with Human based nicknames
M is 130-42-1 vs. schools with mascots deemed heavier than a Wolverine
M is 3-3 when ranked #2 (3 straight wins)
M is 146-24-1 vs. unranked teams
M is 121-9-1 when ranked vs. an unranked team
M is 24-5 when Jim Harbaugh plays a leading role for the team
M is 78-21-1 in noon kickoffs
M is 13-5 in the 8th game I have attended in a season
M is 4-1 on October 29
M is 5-2 the game after scoring 41 points
M is 1-0 the game after giving up 8 points
M is 2-1 when trying to avoid their 4th consecutive loss to the same team
M is 6-1 in games I've attended without @hootm since we've been a couple 
M is 3-1 the game before they face Maryland 
M is 4-1 in their head coach's 16th game (in 15 games Harbaugh is 13-2, Bo was 14-1, Mo was 12-3, Lloyd was 13-2, RichRod was 7-8, Hoke was 13-2)
M is 6-4 when going for their 9th consecutive attended victory

Other data:
Mark Dantonio will move into a tie with Joe Paterno as the coach I’ve seen M face the most. M was 8-2 vs. Paterno, they are 2-7 vs. Dantonio
M has played 3 teams 100 times OSU, MSU and Minnesota. In the first 100 games vs. these schools, M had an overall record of  197-89-14. In the games vs. these teams since their 100ths games, M is 3-19.

It's easy when you look at the numbers

M 27

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Michigan State Prediction

Michigan Gulo Gulo 40
Michigan State Spartiátes (Σπαρτιάτες) 15

Monday, October 24, 2016

Alabama claims the trophy rolling over the Aggies

Original photo from Vasha Hunt/

Alabama scored a non-offensive touchdown for the 10th consecutive game and that was the play that broke Texas A&M for good.
The Aggies hung around and held the lead in the third quarter but the Crimson Tide continued their dominance in a 33-14 victory.
Most importantly, Alabama took over ownership of the jiMpossible-sarcasMike Trophy. This is the first time they've held the trophy since October 2010. Alabama has held the trophy several times over it's history. Their all-time record in trophy games is 47-20.
As with this week, they first won the trophy with a victory over Texas A&M in the 1942 Cotton Bowl before losing to Georgia on Halloween of that next season. Their second run with the trophy was short lived, but also came with a bowl victory over Syracuse in the 1953 Orange Bowl. They somehow lost the 1953 season opener to Southern Miss.
A victory in the 1964 Sugar Bowl over Ole Miss started a season long run for Alabama, that ended in a loss in the 1965 Cotton Bowl to Texas.
Alabama next took the trophy from arch rival Auburn in the 1971 Iron Bowl before losing Nebraska in the 1972 Orange Bowl.
Their 1977 victory over USC led to 9 more wins before  the Trojans took the trophy back in the second half of the home-and-home in 1978.
The Tide got revenge in the 1985 Aloha Bowl over the Trojans and won 7 more times before losing to Penn State in October of 1986.
A pattern developed as they beat the Nittany Lions in September of 1987 but lost to Florida the next week. They retook the trophy from LSU in November, but again lost their next game to Notre Dame.
The Tide went trophy-less until defeating Florida in the 2009 SEC Championship game. They ran off 5 more victories until South Carolina surprised them in October of 2010.
Before Saturday their most recent attempt to take the trophy was their loss to Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl.

Obviously Alabama is favored the rest of the way. They have a bye this week before heading to LSU on 11/5. They host Mississippi St, Chattanooga and Auburn to close out the regular season. If everything goes as expected they will take the trophy to the SEC Championship game and the playoffs after that.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Illinois Prediction

Michigan Gulo Gulo 46
Illinois Illini de Combat* 10

*French, because it was the French who changed the name of the Illiniwek tribe to Illinois

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Illinois prediction based on historical data

Michigan is 201-59-1 in all games I have attended
                                  - Data is only for games I have attended unless otherwise stated
M is 130-44-1 in conference games
M is 168-44-1 at Michigan Stadium
M is 10-3-1 vs. Illinois
M is 5-1 when facing a school for the 15th time
M is 68-28-1 vs. schools with Human based nicknames
M is 19-7-1 vs. schools with Native American based nicknames
M is 23-9-1 vs. schools with nicknames that do not end with an “s”
M is 49-15-1 vs. schools who commonly include an adjective in the nickname
M is 129-42-1 vs. schools with mascots deemed heavier than a Wolverine
M is 42-7 vs. coaches who share a name with a main character from one of the classic 1960-70s tv shows commonly shown on WKBD TV-50 when I was young(er)
M is 12-7 vs. coaches who have coached in the NFL
M is 9-4-1 when ranked #3
M is 145-24-1 vs. unranked teams
M is 23-5 when Jim Harbaugh plays a leading role for the team
M is 53-23 in 3:30pm kickoffs
M is 83-21-1 vs. schools playing out of their timezone
M is 34-8 when playing on Homecoming
M is 32-8 when playing on Michigan’s homecoming (3-2 vs Illinois)
M is 17-8 in the 7th game I have attended in a season
M is 2-0 on October 22
M is 11-4 when a QB is starting his 7th attended game
M is 6-1-1 when the attendance is more than double the previous attended game 

Also worth noting:
M is 0-1 when jiMpossible plays in the alumni band
M is 0-1 when jiMpossible goes onto the field before the game and Jim Harbaugh is the

It's easy when you look at the numbers
M 45
I 6


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fw: Football Credentials: Status

Make that 1-3

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Ohio State Football <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 9:05 AM
Subject: Football Credentials: Status


Dear Michael,

Your credential request for Ohio State football media credentials has been denied for the following:


If you have any further questions, please contact Jerry Emig (

Monday, October 10, 2016

Adventures in Rutgersing

Mr and Mrs sarcasMike took a road trip to the Michigan Rutgers game. Mostly it was an excuse to spend the weekend in NYC while getting to see M play as an added plus. The original plan included having my sister and brother-in-law join us.

4 tickets in Sec 209
Hurricane Matthew stopped them from coming up from Jacksonville. So we shouldered on without them.
We flew out Friday afternoon got in pretty late so Saturday was our big day in NYC.
Being avid Pokemon Go players we headed to Grand Army Plaza to see the madness. We were not disappointed.


There are several overlapping Poke-stops right at the statue of William Tecumseh Sherman.

Although the tall buildings mess with my phone's GPS so even sitting on the steps of the statue I wasn't in the right place...
Someone yelled something about a Lapras nearby and a large group of people went running south towards Rockefeller Center.

We had tickets to the UM alumni tailgate so we went back to the hotel to watch football and get ready to take either the 3:50 of 4:15 train to New Brunswick.
Then tragedy almost struck... From my Facebook post:

So we missed the tailgate but got to our seats in time for the National Anthem.

You know what happened in the game.
Sunday was a musical
Then off to Brooklyn for some fried chicken and pie

Back to the Rock to watch some skating and take down the Poke Gym at the Atlas statue
We took the 6am flight back to Detroit Monday morning and I'm posting this from work (shhhhhh)