Monday, October 10, 2016

Adventures in Rutgersing

Mr and Mrs sarcasMike took a road trip to the Michigan Rutgers game. Mostly it was an excuse to spend the weekend in NYC while getting to see M play as an added plus. The original plan included having my sister and brother-in-law join us.

4 tickets in Sec 209
Hurricane Matthew stopped them from coming up from Jacksonville. So we shouldered on without them.
We flew out Friday afternoon got in pretty late so Saturday was our big day in NYC.
Being avid Pokemon Go players we headed to Grand Army Plaza to see the madness. We were not disappointed.


There are several overlapping Poke-stops right at the statue of William Tecumseh Sherman.

Although the tall buildings mess with my phone's GPS so even sitting on the steps of the statue I wasn't in the right place...
Someone yelled something about a Lapras nearby and a large group of people went running south towards Rockefeller Center.

We had tickets to the UM alumni tailgate so we went back to the hotel to watch football and get ready to take either the 3:50 of 4:15 train to New Brunswick.
Then tragedy almost struck... From my Facebook post:

So we missed the tailgate but got to our seats in time for the National Anthem.

You know what happened in the game.
Sunday was a musical
Then off to Brooklyn for some fried chicken and pie

Back to the Rock to watch some skating and take down the Poke Gym at the Atlas statue
We took the 6am flight back to Detroit Monday morning and I'm posting this from work (shhhhhh)

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