Monday, August 31, 2009

WTKA and the scandal

I often listen to the some of the WTKA morning show while I am doing work on the computer in the evening. I listened for about 5 minutes and had to turn it off. It is one thing to have some homer tendancies and to think the Freep appears to have a vendatta against M or RR. It is another to make that vendetta an actual purpose for existence and making M some innocent victim in this.

On the other side, I read one blog that compared RR's interpretation of NCAA rules regarding practice with his interpretation of his WVU contract when he thought he didn't have to pay back all of that money. There are idiots on both sides.

Look, if rules were broken, let's find out and get rid of who is responsible. If they weren't we'll find that out, too, and the Freep's (and Rosenberg's and Snyder's) credibility will be hit hard as M fans look at it. Next story would be less important.

And stop talking about the whiny athletes and how they don't want to work hard. That is not what this story is about. The story is about 1) (possibly) breaking the rules and 2) RR clearly not having the full backing of someone (fans, players, alumni, AD staffers?).

I had said RR would leave after 6 years. I'm not saying it will happen sooner, but this could be the kind of thing that will force him to split.

WTKA would do the entire story what it deserves if they just talk about the game this week.


You do sound like a homer, but I do agree that there easily could some activity from someone from inside the AD or an alum or something who doesn't like RR and wants as much negative press as possible.

Also, there is clearly still players (former and current) who don't like RR.

I want this to go away until the season is over. If he did something wrong, fire him. If not, then shut up. I suspect the NCAA will do nothing. I hope it isn't just wishful thinking.

Prediction: Steve Breaston will not start for Michigan this week.


I don't want to come off sounding like a homer, but I am beginning to feel that the Freep has a vendetta against RR. There is no question in my mind that this article came out now for as much "shock value" as possible.
I also think this points towards more evidence of a split camp in Fort Schembechler. I could easily see that someone who isn't happy with RR or his non-Bo lineage helped make this story happen.
We rally need the season to start so people can start writing about actual football games...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scandal again

Listening to 97.1 and I am amazed at the number of people calling in to Fithian and saying one of two things:

1) Everybody does it and if you want to win you have to do it
2) Players are whining for having to work hard

I have two things to say:
1) Cheating is cheating. If M cheated, then RR needs to be fired.
2) I'm not convinced M cheated.


My official prediction for the season: 6-6, Motor City Bowl loss to CMU

My official prediction for this week's game:
M 28, WMU 21


A few things I was thinking:

1) I hate this has been brought up and will be in the news when games should be in the news.

2) How did this come up? Was the Freep trying to find something, or are players that disgruntled? What players would tell the media without it being sought out? If the players truly care enough to tell the press, why aren't they telling the NCAA instead? I'm suspicious about the validity in that regard.

3) Assuming the accusations are valid, why did it happen? Did RR do this at WVU and the players, for whatever reason, didn't tell anyone because they were either (1) too enraptured/scared to go against RR or (2) Lloyd recruits are more likely to tell because they are either lazy or honest. If RR didn't do it at WVU, then why do it now. Does he feel that much more pressure at M?

4) Until I hear that the NCAA is investigating, I don't think there is anything to be concerned about. And even after they are investigating, I'm not convinced they are going to find anything. How do you prove that a coach demands you to be at a voluntary practices unless there is proof of the coach saying such a thing. Perception of what is expected is in the eye of the beholder. Now, if someone on the staff actually outwardly told players to be places at certain times, then ouch.

5) The 'every school does it' argument is going to drive me crazy. If I hear that from any official person, then RR and the entire staff needs to be fired. Of course, only stupid fans say things that stupid

Saturday, August 29, 2009

M Scandal

Though I'm not really convinced there is a lot of substance in the accusations, this is not good for RR. I just want this season to start and see if we have a reason to care. I didn't really buy that this good be RR's last season, but this new story makes me wonder. Win, please. We'll talk later about your future.

College Football

Here is a list, in no particular order, of who I want to win and who I want to lose in college football:

Big 10 (a conference with a good rep can only help M)
Teams on Michigan's schedule (strength of schedule)
MAC teams (connections all around, a lot of Big Ten teams play these schools)
Texas (nostalgia to the town, friend is alum)
Pac 10 (I still think there's a connection between Big 10 and Pac 10 and these two conferences who want to keep college football the way it used to be)
LSU (I have a fondness for Les and his purple tie)

SEC teams (the best conference in the nation needs to be knocked down a few notches)
Notre Dame (because they are Notre Dame)
Teams ranked higher than Michigan (hopefully this means something by the end of the year)
Top WAC/Mountain West teams (though I think they probably deserve a chance to play in BCS games, I don't really want them to; sorry, Dave)
Big East/ACC teams (we don't need these conferences jumping the Big Ten in respectability)
Nebraska/Oklahoma (because they cheat and because the M/OSU rivalry is supposed to be the big game
FSU/Miami (because they cheat. At least they did in the 80s.)
Sullivan/Altese Cup Holder (it is fun when the cup moves around)

Of course there are contradictions.

Friday, August 28, 2009


What I like about RR saying all 3 QBs will play in the opener: He must be confident the lead will be big enough to experiment.

What I don't like about RR saying all 3 QBs will play in the opener: I'm not that confident.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Standard deviation

What exactly does this mean?


M has the 4th highest standard deviation (20.18) - so assuming M is a full StD above what is expected M's record would be:
7-5 with additional wins over Wisconsin, Illinois and Purdue. Notre Dame and Michigan State would be close match-ups.

2 StD would yield: 9-3 with Iowa being a close match-up.

3 StD would give: 11-1 with OSU and PSU essentially being toss-ups and since M is the home team in both game - lets make it 12-0.

Using SAG which has M ranked the highest (35) - M would finish: 8-4 adding MSU and ND to the win column but losing @ Wisconsin.

M's lowest ranking is in the CSL (which admits it pretty much uses last season's record for their initial ranking) M wold finish 3-9 - only defeating EMU, Indiana and Delaware St.

M has the 21st largest spread between their highest and lowest ranking.

I also noticed that the CFRC calculations include their own ranking twice - so really there are only 27 or, counting their own, 28 rankings.


With 29 rankings reporting:

M is #70

Projected record 4-8
PU is #68, WMU is 72.
No other scheduled teams even very close

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

games, tix

I am still looking to sell:

1 or 2 each to WMU, EMU, Del St ($50 each per ticket)
1 each to ND, OSU ($65 per ticket)

Mads is buying PU. My brother going to IN. PSU should be exchanged tomorrow.


So what games are you planning to come to? everyone but PSU and Purdue? I think it is safe to say I will take one or both of your EMU tickets - I think, Sue's family is coming to that game

cfrc, taylor

Michael Taylor on WTKA, they referred to him as the last dual-threat QB to start at Michigan. Of course, they forgot to mention that he couldn't throw.

CFRC has M falling below Purdue (28 rankings reporting). WMU is a few below. PU one above. Illinois is about 10 above.

I am "this" close to selling both PSU tix and my other ND ticket. Also, I just found out a friend from high school (who found me on Facebook) likes to go to games, but isn't a season ticket holder. Let me know if there are any tickets (one or two, depending on the game) that you want for your family.

The Movie Marathon is the weekend of Del St. I'm not sure how late I'll stay at the Marathon, but likely not all night.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back from GNP

I thought about going to M football fan day - but was still a little tired from vacation. We spent a week in Glacier National Park in Montana and Waterton Park in Canada. Just a beautiful place to go.

The wildlife and the amazing vistas - I haven't been anywhere that compares.

Quick list of wildlife we saw in Montana/Canada:

Moose, mule deer, white tail deer, Wayne Newton, grizzly bears, black bears, ptarmigans, bald eagles, magpies, big horn sheep, mountain goats, marmots, coyote... I think that might be about it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I read that some Sporting News guy gave his 5 upsets for the upcoming season, and WMU beating M is one of them. HUH? Did you not see last season. WMU was probably 10 points better than M last year. Until M is beating mediocre Big Ten teams, then WMU beating M is not an upset.


With 12 rankings reporting, M is #63. Projected record (not counting home field advantage) would be 5-7.

We'll see if WMU jumps M as the polls start coming out.

Other topics

*I hate seeing that ND is in the Top 25 in various polls.

*The M RBs are deep, but I think the top 4 with experience have had injuries that have kept them out of games/spring ball. I won't start worrying...yet.

*Forcier will start as a true frosh. Of course Henne did it and Leach. So did Mallett and Henson, right (but not in the first game)? Any others?

*I am trying as hard as I can to find 7 wins. I can't do it.

*The spread for WMU game is 8-11, depending on the handicapper. I was thinking M would win by 7-10. I would probably bet on WMU against the spread on this one.

*I have verbal agreements on the PSU (both tix) and OSU (one ticket). I am almost on a verbal agreement for the other ticket for ND. You have sold PU for me. And my brother is coming with me to the IN game.

Friday, August 14, 2009

vacation time killer

I'll be on vacation next week so here's some college football sporcle trivia to keep you sharp:

FBS schools

FBS nicknames

FBS head coaches

college football wins


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trending ESPNs Bowl Predicitons released their first bowl predictions for the 2009 season.
First, here are the Big Ten tie-ins:

Rose, Capital One, Outback, Insight, Alamo, Champs Sports, and Motor City (LCPP?)

On their first predictions the experts have placed Michigan in either the Champs Sports Bowl (Mark Sclabach's pick) vs. UNC or the Bowl vs. Cincinnati (apparently Bruce Feldman doesn't think a 10th SEC team will meet their bowl quota).

Turning their predictions into BigTen order of finish would go as follows:

1OSUPenn St
2Penn StOSU

* Taking non-BigTen spots due to non-qualifiers

Those do not seem out of the realm of possibility. It is worth noting that in Feldman's prediction the Big Ten only gets one team in a BCS Bowl.

more of the same

I think you pointed out the heart of the issue. The number of outlets trying to break news about Michigan football has grown exponentially in the past 40-30-20-10-5-2 years. When you add that not everyone wanted RR as the coach it only adds to the flame.

Whatever happened in Bo's days essentially never left the football room. We found out more problems in the Moeller and Carr days. And now anything in RRs program will be magnified.

I'll take him at his word - for now - he didn't know through the normal recruitment process about any history with Feagin and as soon as he found out about it he kicked him off the team.

Lloyd troubles

I'm not going to argue with your basic point that Lloyd had a not-quite-squeaky-clean program. But, RR has only been around for a year and he has one very very very big one. That's is not a good average. Lloyd may have had a good number, but if you put a value on each one and divide up the number of years, he has a pretty good average. RR's average needs to go down. We'll see what happens.

When I was in college, I knew of a player that was a starter as a sophomore (maybe a jr, I don't remember). The next season, he was gone. I don't remember ever hearing/seeing a story about it in the media. I found out during the season that he had tested positive for drugs and was off the team. He had to go through some drug program, I heard.

I don't really know why I told that story, but I think there are two reasons:
1) I wanted to mention something that most people don't know
2) I think it shows that even if RR was as clean as Bo, there would probably be a blogger who would find out about something.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

rr vs. lloyd

I agree RR feels kind of "used car salesmanesque" compared to Lloyd, but at the same time there were a lot of issues under his watch as well. Manningham's pot arrest; Arrington and Butler and their respective physical attacks; Harrison's issues with self-abuse outside co-eds windows; the k-mart discount guys...


The reason the Feagin story is so big is that the story is so ugly. And because it is Michigan. It is possible this is the worst thing that will happen in RR's (6) years at Michigan. If that is the case, and there isn't much more that happens, then everything is fine. I expect this incident to be the worst. And if I am wrong, RR will likely be gone shortly after the one that tops it. And he should be. Even if he wins the Nat Champ.

I don't expect either of those things to happen.

I agree the team is heading in the right direction. The program (in a cheating way) is probably the same as last year, but it is certainly heading downward compared to Lloyd. I'm willing to give him some time to improve that (as well as the football). Talk to me in January and see if I feel the same way.

ESPN radio and Michigan's "troubles"

Colin Blowhard has apparently been told of the Feagin situation. He went on a 5 minute rant about M needed to get things figured out, softening it with, "I think they will."
Other examples he added were the recent article about walk-ons looking to help the program (I didn't read it - because I don't believe the premise of walk-ons getting much/any playing time - I'm talking to you REYES!)
Then a caller added how MSU "dominated" Michigan in in-state recruiting this year. I'm not a recruitnik but I know M cannot return to prominence by recruiting mostly players form Michigan. They've always lost some recruiting battles to MSU - my mom always said it was because those kids couldn't get in, I'll choose to believe it - and they'll continue to do that. If they can win a few Ohio kids from OSU and a few PA kids from PSU and a few FL, TX and CA kids I think they're better off. Even so, from what little I do follow, you could make a case that M has verbals from the top QB, RB and WR in Michigan for next year.
This is what bothers me about what has happened lately. The national media only reads the headlines or the juicy stuff. Anything that has a hint of negativity is picked up nationally and piled on.
There are things that have happened on RRs watch that I am not too happy with. But I don't think he's moving in the wrong direction. I think improved QB play would have made a .500 or better season last year. If either of the freshman can play as they're touted this year or more likely next year this program could be going places...


Those unis better be practice only. Of RR, Martin, Coleman, Granholm, Obama and Michael Scott should all be fired.


Here's an MGoBlog post from an idiot on his first trip to Michigan Stadium. He seems like the guy you and Melissa thought I was going to fight about standing up a few years ago. What a horrible person. I wanted to comment "Please don't come back."

The WTKA guys are pretty vehement that they don't think RR could have known about Feagin's past. I think that is mostly ridiculous. If the Freep article is true - RR was recruiting him at WVU that gets rid of the "he took a last minute flier and didn't have much time to check his background..." argument. At the same time his HS coach said he didn't know anything about Feagin's drug dealing.

I'm happy there was immediate dismissal when it came to a police statement, I wish there was better vetting done so there is less chance this repeats.


Feagin: The goofball on TKA kept saying that he agreed with RR kicking Feagin off the team. I was thinking that it was a no-brainer and if there was any thoughts of not kicking him off, I think RR could be on thin ice (even if he wins). I know the things he had done prior to being recruited weren't anything major, but even things like that should cause a coaching staff to keep close tabs on the player. I don't want to criticize RR too much at this point, as it is only one situation, but I think there should be a huge magnifying glass watching RR, the players and how he handles discipline for awhile.

Reyes: I did wonder about him after I read the Freep article. I hate to be cynical, but until I see otherwise, I expect that his potential for being kicked off will be in reverse proportion to his potential as a player.

One thing on the freep message boards (which are usually pathetic), was someone asking M fans if they would rather have Urban Myers multiple arrests and two National Championships. One person answered (and another agreed) that we want 9-3 with a clean program. I liked that we aren't the only ones that think you can be successful (enough) and still win.

Really, WTKA people are idiots.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Feagin and the Police report

I'm sure you've heard by now of the disclosure of Justin Feagin's violation of team rules: his role in a cocaine sale. The police report from the freep is pretty crazy. His "friend" TJ, sounds like a great guy. I wonder if Ricky Reyes's days on the team are short as well.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here are the players who have scored the most TDs in a single game for Michigan in games I've seen:

PlayerOpponentDatetotal td
Alexander, DerrickMinnesota24-Oct-924
Howard, ChrisUCLA28-Sep-964
Perry, ChrisFlorida1-Jan-034
Perry, ChrisNotre Dame13-Sep-034
Minor, Brandonat Purdue1-Nov-083*

Minor is tied with 29 others who have scored 3 TDs in a game.

As for total TDs accounted for (scored or passed for)

PlayerOpponentDatescoredpassed fortotal td
Leach, RickMinnesota28-Oct-78235
Smith, SteveMinnesota30-Oct-82134
Brown, DemetriusIowa17-Oct-87134
Grbac, ElvisFSU28-Sep-91044
Collins, ToddHouston26-Sep-92044
Grbac, ElvisMinnesota24-Oct-92044
Alexander, DerrickMinnesota24-Oct-92404
Griese, BrianMinnesota28-Oct-95044
Howard, ChrisUCLA28-Sep-96404
Dreisbach, ScottMSU2-Nov-96044
Griese, BrianIowa18-Oct-97134
Brady, TomAlabama1-Jan-00044
Navarre, JohnBGSU2-Sep-00044
Henson, Drewat Northwestern4-Nov-00044
Navarre, JohnWMU7-Sep-02044
Navarre, JohnMSU2-Nov-02134
Perry, ChrisFlorida1-Jan-03404
Perry, ChrisNotre Dame13-Sep-03404
Henne, ChadMSU30-Oct-04044
Henne, ChadTexas1-Jan-05044
Henne, Chadat MSU3-Nov-07044
Minor, Brandonat Purdue1-Nov-08303*

Here Minor is tied with 61 others.


The USA Today Poll is out and M received one vote. That puts M tied for 57th.

Looking at the teams M plays this year, 2 are in the top 10, 4 in the top 25 and 7 have votes (all more than 1).

If M were to beat the teams above and lose to the teams below, M will finish 4-7 with WMU as a toss-up.

My confidence in this season bounces back and forth. But, what this bowl emphasises is how important that WMU game is. A loss in that game could truly mean the difference between a respectable season and a disastrous one.

ND is in the Top 25. Yikes.!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

M individual game receiving yards

Here are the top 10 plus active high for most receiving yards by an M receiver in games I've attended.

1Edwards, BraylonMSU30-Oct-041118917.2346
2Alexander, DerrickIllinois23-Oct-93718826.9290
3Toomer, AmaniBC3-Sep-94717925.6246
4Hayes, MercuryVirginia26-Aug-95717925.6243
5Toomer, AmaniMinnesota28-Oct-95517735.4275
6Manningham, MarioMinnesota27-Oct-07516232.4148
7Walker, MarquiseOSU24-Nov-011516010.7247
8Terrell, DavidAlabama1-Jan-001015015.0357
9Edwards, BraylonIowa25-Sep-04615025.0158
10Kolesar, JohnPurdue9-Nov-85414837.0265
25tOdoms, MartaviousIllinois4-Oct-08712918.4030

Of course Braylon with the dominant 3OT game vs. the Spartans. Hayes racked up he yardage (and the winning score) in Lloyd Carr's first game comeback. Walker was one TD short in the first match-up with Tressel. Alexander with the 90 yard bomb against the Illini, if only Powers doesn't fumble or the defense could stop a scrambling Johnnie Johnson. David Terrell's performance in Tommy Brady's last game was dominant. Take that ess eee see speed!


It was pure geometry. Every available wall space was a urinal. there was always an opening - the only reason you would have to wait was if enough people didn't realize they should keep walking and waited before the first turn.

This will diminish the amount of beverage I drink at the stadium...


The trough is a great invention. Especially for football stadia. Quick in, quick out, you only miss a couple plays.

I hope they make up for this by having more restrooms.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Indivdual game passing stats

Here's the top yard passing games from Michigan QBs in games I've attended.

RankPlayerOpponentDateAttcomppctQB RateydsTDintlg
1Brady, Tomat OSU21-Nov-98563155.4%110.43751240
2Dreisbach, ScottVirginia26-Aug-95522751.9%117.03722243
3Brady, TomAlabama1-Jan-00463473.9%170.03694057
4Collins, ToddMinnesota12-Nov-94271555.6%194.33523157
5Henne, ChadMinnesota9-Oct-04493367.3%128.93282232
6Navarre, JohnFlorida1-Jan-03362158.3%141.93191049
7Henson, Drewat Northwestern4-Nov-00352365.7%178.33124025
8Henne, ChadUSC1-Jan-07412663.4%137.93092141
9Brady, TomIllinois23-Oct-99382360.5%135.23072232
10Henson, DrewAuburn1-Jan-01201575.0%231.52942059
176Sheridan, NickUtah30-Aug-08191157.9%108.1981135
M was only 6-4 in the top ten games. The defense couldn't stop OSU in the top game. M kept cutting the game down to one score, but OSU didn't play not to lose - they kept scoring.
The Dreisbach game, was Carr's first as HC. I think everyone expected he would be pulled at the half because he looked awful. Totally different player in the 2nd half.
Henson in the Northwestern game, it was the 54-51 game in Evanston. That game was won and lost so many times int he last few minutes.
In the Brady loss vs. M had a big lead that they somehow lost. Even so M was driving down for what was going to be the winning score when the center snapped the ball over his head. Leading to a 3rd and 30 or so. M gave up another score then drove the length of the field again only to throw an interception for a safety with only a few seconds left. CRAZY game.

more stats response

The performances you mention were great.

The other one I really liked was the Jon Vaughn UCLA game. He had around 200 the week before in the loss to ND, and in the UCLA game it was a lot like the Biakabatuka game. Big hole, and then when he was finally hit, he would end up going another 6-7 yards. It was crazy.

Unfortunately, I think the first two games ruined his chances of ever becoming one of the greats at M. With his numbers, he decided to go pro and he just wasn't there yet. I think another year, and he could have been great.

As a person, though, he was a jerk.

more stats

Here are the best individual rushing performances (for M players only) in games I've attended.

1Biakabatuka, TshimangaOSU25-Nov-95373138.5144
2Vaughn, JonUCLA22-Sep-90322889.0363
3Perry, ChrisCMU30-Aug-032223210.5263
4Thomas, Anthonyat Illinois23-Sep-00352286.5221
5Wheatley, TyroneIowa3-Oct-921922411.8382
5Hart, MichaelMSU30-Oct-04332246.8126
7Perry, Chrisat MSU1-Nov-03512194.3115
8Hart, Michaelat MSU1-Oct-05362186.1164
9Hart, MichaelEMU6-Oct-07222159.8361
10Boles, TonyWake Forest24-Sep-88332136.5229
38Minor, Brandonat Purdue1-Nov-08241556.5345

From the Biakabatuka game I remember everyone expecting the Buckeyes to just dominate M. Biakabatuka just wouldn't let that happen. He was so much better than The Heisman winner Eddie George on that day.
The 2 games at MSU are memorable. Perry had so many carries. Carr didn't seem to trust any other aspect of the offense - especially late in the game. The Mike Hart game in 05 had M come in as the underdog. And Hart just back from injury. He didn't disappoint, tearing off his career long run (still being caught from behind) early in the game.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Statistical leaders

Here is a list of Michigan's statistical leaders in games I have attended. I've listed down to the active leader in each category.


Hart, Michael7493,6834.9316404-07
Thomas, Anthony6883,3844.9426097-00
Perry, Chris5452,7205.0296300-03
Wheatley, Tyrone3702,2946.2268291-94
Morris, Jamie4122,1825.3135784-87
Boles, Tony3341,8975.7188188-89
Biakabatuka, Tshimanga2361,5836.7126093-95
Powers, Ricky3111,4554.7133990-93
Hoard, Leroy2161,1385.3145487-89
Williams, Clarence2651,1044.233295-98
Howard, Chris2119694.693094-97
Askew, BJ2029354.6123099-02
Davis, Ed1938984.783392-95
Bunch, Jarrod2038884.465387-90
Minor, Brandon1558645.694606-08

Passing (ranking order based on yards passing)

AttcomppctQB RateydsTDintlg
Henne, Chad93456260.2%132.86,28459226904-07
Navarre, John77545158.2%130.75,35543156400-03
Collins, Todd42328166.4%155.53,64728119091-94
Brady, Tom48729260.0%134.13,63626155796-99
Grbac, Elvis43927863.3%149.83,50836176589-92
Harbaugh, Jim29219667.1%159.72,70421137785-86
Henson, Drew28616758.4%141.02,2401747598-00
Griese, Brian31718056.8%124.42,15318137595-97
Dreisbach, Scott23612753.8%127.41,8101295895-97
Taylor, Michael20612259.2%138.21,6081264586-89
Brown, Demetrius1618854.7%135.81,3761095386-88
Threet, Steven1647747.0%97.8846875108
Mallett, Ryan994848.5%111.3631424807
Smith, Steve532445.3%129.3405535280-83
Leach, Rick292275.9%278.4385806376-78
Wangler, John291655.2%162.5292204576, 79-80
Gutierrez, Matt412765.9%132.5286102403, 05
Sheridan, Nick693144.9%73.2264133507-08


Edwards, Braylon1522,12013.9296401-04
Terrell, David1181,84015.6175798-00
Walker, Marquise1141,47512.9117598-01
Avant, Jason1091,40312.985402-05
Breaston, Steve1071,07510.055003-06
Manningham, Mario991,63316.5196905-07
Hayes, Mercury811,46818.1105892-95
Alexander, Derrick791,31716.7159089-90,92-93
McMurtry, Greg741,33418.095386-89
Arrington, Adrian7386311.873304-07
Streets, Tai721,12515.6105895-98
Toomer, Amani701,33419.1127592-95
Howard, Desmond701,05015.0146489-91
Askew, BJ646179.655899-02
Thomas, Anthony615418.904697-00
Morris, Jamie594357.412484-87
Mathews, Greg5757610.143506-08


Woodson, Charles1175027
Murray, Vada958034
Patmon, DeWayne937032
Hall, Leon823014
Howard, Todd8101
Dottin, Lance752022
Peoples, Shonte6803
Campbell, Erik520016
Ray, Marcus579028
Wellborne, Tripp533018
Adams, Jamar458022
Burgess, Prescott4109135
Curry, Markus446025
Hicks, Ivan430011
Law, Ty420025
Shazor, Ernest4123188
*Brown, Stevie242025
*Ezeh, Obi224018
* 14 tied with 3; 20 others tied with 2