Thursday, April 30, 2009


Clearly the assumption M is going to improve by 1/3 is a stretch. When looking at random teams and the difference with 40 slots, it is usually 3 or 4 games. That is huge. M will have a hard time improving by 3-4 games. I just think that is a given.

I can't give a 5-7 prediction yet. My final official prediction may be that, but I am at 6-6 now. Leaning downward, of course.

predicting the likelihood of Jim's prediction

I don't think you're too far off base. Looking at your last run down:

WMU #54 win
ND #52 i'd give us a win for this home game
EMU #110 win
Ind #104 win
at MSU #28 lose
at Iowa #24 lose
Del St. na win
PSU #7 lose
at IL #67 i'd lean toward a loss on the road
PU #76 win
at WIS #53 this is a loss on the road
OSU #11 lose

without doing any homework I would say:
WMU is still a mid 50's team - win at home
ND will be better - loss based on CFRC
EMU still horrible - Win
Indiana as above - win
@ MSU - Spartans will not be as good as last year but probably in the 40s so loss on road
@ Iowa - Hawks are probably still in the 20s - loss
Delaware St - Win
PSU - I would think they;ll slide into the 20s - loss
@ Illinois - probably better than last year into the 40-50s - so loss on the road
Purdue - worse or equal to last year - win
@ Wisconsin - probably still a 50s team loss on road
OSU - 7-15 loss

So that would yield a 5-7. I don't like using the guessed at CFRC to determine Ms record. I prefer using all time winning percentage or all time wins. M = 13-0 MNC baby!

Michigan Football 2009

Ok, so I made my unofficial prediction that M will go 7-5 this year. Since then, I have had a lot of doubts about this. The spring game reminded me how volatile the QB situation is and how bad the defense could be., for instance.

So, I decided to look at it in a way that could quantify next season, as well as look at it game by game. This isn't really a prediction for the individual games, but it is a way to give an overview for the season by looking at the individual games. If that makes sense.

What I did was take a look at the CFRC. I had to make an assumption of how much better M will be this season than last. I figured that with 120 teams in college football, a good, but realistic improvement would be a third of that or 40 positions. M finished #93 last year, which would mean they could finish #53 this year. Wisconsin finished #53. I think M could be as good as last year's Wisconsin team (note: this is a likely best-case scenario).

Because I haven't had time to go through and see how each opponent is going to change, also, I am just going to use last year's numbers for them. On a team-by-team basis, of course it doesn't make sense. But, assuming that a given schedule this year doesn't change much from last year too much, then this will work fine. When I get a chance, I will see how the other teams will do and make predictions that way. But, this is pretty useful.

First, I decided to just take the teams rankings and compare them to M's #53. The higher ranked team wins. Home field will be addressed later. This is what i came up with.

WMU #54 win

ND #52 lose

EMU #110 win

Ind #104 win

MSU #28 lose

Iowa #24 lose

Del St. na win

PSU #7 lose

IL #67 win

PU #76 win

WIS #53 tie

OSU #11 lose

That gives us a 6-5-1 record. (I know, there aren't ties)

Now, if we bring the Home/Away issue into it...

WMU #54 win
ND #52 i'd give us a win for this home game
EMU #110 win
Ind #104 win
at MSU #28 lose
at Iowa #24 lose
Del St. na win
PSU #7 lose
at IL #67 i'd lean toward a loss on the road
PU #76 win
at WIS #53 this is a loss on the road
OSU #11 lose

That gives us 6-6.

What this really makes me realize is how interesting the schedule is. It starts out with two toss up games. I don't expect two wins on those, but if M pulls those two out, the next two should be rather easy wins. That means going into MSU at 4-0. They could be the same. Rodrig has done a good job motivating the team in the big games, staying close in the first half. The talent difference may be close enough that he could pump the team up enough to win this game. For Iowa, I don't think emotion will be enough to overcome the home/road factor (also, remember I am using last year's opponents). So, loss to Iowa puts m at 5-1. easy win to Del St., easy loss to PSU and then three more toss ups. You can hope to win 2 of these, but being on the road for two of them makes it tough. A loss to OSU. If me is good enough early on, the season could be 8-4. That is really the best case, i believe.

What I expect though is...

The first two tossups and the three tossups right before OSU really are the season. 3 for sure wins outside of that, 4 for sure losses. those tossups look mighty important. And with this, and going 3-2 in the tossups give us 6-6. I keep coming up with 6-6. Hopefully, I can lower a team or two once I look at other teams. But, of course, I will have to look more closely at M and see if 40 positions is realistic.

Now, if I was going to really look at each game, I would probably give us more chances than I did above with IA and MSU. After all, they are the kind of teams that would lose a game they shouldn't. M could be that game.

As I have mentioned (during some of the rambles) is that M realistically should be striving to reach .500. Just as M was looking at being in the top 5 or 10 in the past, a 6-6 record is probably a good goal this year. I think my unofficial early prediction for M is that they will have 7 losses. Either 6-6 and a bowl loss, or 5-7.

More likely to come later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

M vs. Notre Dame

If ND is willing to play a home game in Ann Arbor, M should take them up on it.


They should move the ND game to the first game of the season for that game. Or maybe University of Toronto (GO BLUESTERS!!!)


Now M is saying that they have been talking to UMass but not for the opening date of the finished stadium. The Angel of the BigHouse has quoted a department flunky that they're "trying to do something special"...

Not sure who that could be. M opened Vandy's stadium in the 1920s and that stadium was part of what Yost wanted to bring to M. An Ivy school? Ohio Weslyan? U Chicago? All those schools would fit the just at home patsy need.

Or a real home and home with a "special" team.


You're right that there are probably a limited number of teams doing the home and home thing, but we know there are teams willing to do it. MSU just announced future games against Alabama and West Virginia. OSU has Mia (fl) and Cal in the future. It isn't that hard to do. You just do it. With the 'new' Michigan Stadium, though, I don't see anything happening that will take games away from Ann Arbor. If M ever returns to the Top 10, there will be a lot of criticism regarding strength of schedule, and it will likely be justified.

After M beats Delaware St. this year, we should never have an I-AA team in Michigan Stadium. (we have to play them this year, so our record is 1-1).

M vs. UMass

I read that Michigan will play UMass to open the 2010 Football season. WTKA is blaming this on the 20 year ND contract. Well, USC also plays ND every year and they don't play a 1-AA school. MSU plays ND every year and to my knowledge they don't play a 1-AA school. I completely understand that the football program pays for the majority of the athletic department, and I'm aware that there are no gimme games anymore, but I would hope M can schedule better.

I would guess part of the "problem" is other teams are in the same boat - they don't want to play M in a home-and-home none the less a 2 for 1. They want to play a cupcake too. I would really like the NCAA to outlaw 1-AA games or come up with some sort of punishment that makes it essentially prohibitive (counts as a loss in the BCS standings etc.).

I would think M recruiting could benefit from away games to areas of interest. Playing as home and home or 2-1 with South Florida, UCF or any of those "directional" Florida schools could help that pipeline. How about something with Baylor, UTEP, Houston SMU etc.

I miss the Pac Ten match ups that we used to get with Washington or UCLA. I would love the Big1T1en to have something like they have in basketball with the Big Ten - ACC challenge.

BigTen - SEC challenge: using last year as an example we'd have:

PSU @ Florida
Alabama @ OSU
MSU @ Georgia
Ole Miss @ Iowa
Northwestern @ Vandy
So Carolina @ Minnesota
Wisconsin @ LSU
Tennessee @ Illinois
Purdue @ Kentucky
Auburn @ Michigan
Indiana @ Arkansas

Monday, April 27, 2009

draft, etc.

I didn't pay too much attention to the draft. I saw the first day picks for the Lions on Saturday night and wondered, also about the TE so early, and the MAC safety. He may be as good as they say, but it is a risk. As almost any pick would be, of course.

As far as Cowherd, I feel fortunate I can't hear him in my office. Based on the last few things you have mentioned, he likes to quantify things, but does it in such simplified terms that it doesn't make sense. In this case, for instance, if Pettigrew starts 6 games, but the coaches realize his ability and switch up the offense so the next few years are more geared to the TE, and he ends up being all pro 6 times in the next 8 years, and a possible HOF'er, Cowheard's measurement would just be '6 starts'. I'd say it was a great draft pick.

Secondly, starts are not very important in some positions (WR, for instance) but very important in others (QB).

Look at Advanced NFL Stats. There is a lot of analysis on the draft (at least before it, i haven't read anything from after the draft yet). That site makes simplistic statements like the above referenced look silly.

Lions Super Bowl Review

NOTE: Lions Super Bowl = NFL Draft

1st round - Stafford - I think this is a crap shoot. I don't think he's Peyton Manning but I don't think he's Akili Smith either. If he can be a 5 year starter - this is a success.
Brandon Pettigrew - I know the Lions need everything, but a TE at #20 - seems like a reach. Is the #1 TE in the draft going to be that much more of an impact than the #5 TE? the #10 TE. I've read he blocks like a tackle so his value could truly be higher than a typical TE, but I'm not fully convinced.
2nd round - Louis Delmas - I've read he was the #1 safety in the draft. With Maualuga and Laurinaitis still available (when people wanted the Lions to take Rey at #20) I'm surprised they didn't pick up a MLB. A theme here will be the Lions need everything so if Delmas is a starter, it seems like a win for me. Just watch out for the pro bowls from the mlbs they passed on...
3rd round - Levy - is an OLB - The Lions seem to be short term covered here with Sims (hopefully long term solution) and the off season addition of Julian Peterson.
Williams - remember when the one thing you could count on the Lions for is a good to great returner? - Lem Barney, Eddie Payton, Mel Gray, Terry Fair, Desmond Howard, Eddie Drummond- I think Williams could get back to that.
"The Professor and Mary Ann...." It is well known the "Experts" wanted the Lions to go OL and defense. The added a small college DT and a late round LB. The only OL they pick up is a 7th rounder. The remainder is a RB and ANOTHER TE.
My nemesis - Colin Blowhard is making a case (that I do not concede, by the way) that you judge the draft/off-season by the # of starts you added to your roster. I'm not convinced the Lions added too many starts to their season. Hopefully none for Stafford, is there always a TE starter? I'll give them 8 for Pettigrew. We'll assume Delmas can beat out whoever the Lions had at safety (+16). Peterson (not Levy) should add 16 at OLB. Maybe 4-5 from the rest. I'd predict 45-50 starts from new players, on a team that was winless that seems like a small number...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I would have known it as nadmhhhhhhhhhhhh


nadm = Never a dull moment


I am fortunate that I don't listen to him.

As far as the OL theory, you could probably do that with any other position. Especially if you combined positions to make 5 players (like an OL). You can measure a team's success on # of starts their DBs and the strong side LB have. I bet the numbers would be similar.

And you're absolutely right about his examples. That is selective sampling at its finest. Pick 5 teams that did well. See if they fit your theory. Use them as an example.

I don't get the NFL theory. Just that good teams have good picks so they trade them, and bad teams don't?

cause and effect

I'm stuck listening to Colin Cowherd (Blowhard) on espn radio. Two days in a row he has made statements as fact that I would argue need a little more investigation.
Yesterday - you can anticipate the number of wins for a college football team based on the #of starts the offensive linemen have coming into the season. He sighted examples of USC, Oklahoma, Alabama etc as having OL with >65 starts coming into the season. Some disappointing teams like Missouri (I don't remember the others) had inexperience OLs and that explains their relatively poor seasons. He was using this to say that Notre Dame will win 10+ games this year because they have 80+ starts in their OL. Hello Mr. Blowhard welcome to anecdotal evidence. I have no data to back it up but I would guess one could state an equal number of teams that had relatively few OL starts that were winners and teams with many OL starts that weren't. I'm not saying that OL experience isn't important, but there a many other things especially in college, that determine the teams ultimate record. ND might win 10 games because they have a pretty easy schedule. OSU could have a totally new line and I would still pick them to win the BigTen this season. USC might have complete turnover but I'm guessing they're going to have a chance to win the Pac10...
Today it is - good teams trade down in the draft, bad teams trade up. In the last X years the Patriots, Steelers, Giants etc have traded down and the Lions, Bengals and Raiders have traded up. Well guess what the Patriots, Steelers and Giants are good teams and likely don't to take a chance with as many rookies, where as the bad teams need a lot of help and might try to jump up to get someone they think they really need. You don't think the Lions want to trade down? No one wants to give them anything of "value". No one wants a top 5 pick this year...

lions' draft, unis

I don't think the #1 pay for a LB is the same as a QB. And your own logic shows that it is less likely a #1 QB is worth being #1. I win.

As for the unis, I don't like the word logo, but everything else seems fine. Getting rid of some of the black is nice. The revamped bubbles is about the amount of change, and addition in detail, a logo should have at any one time. The numbers are goofy, but from a distance, or on the TV, we'll be able to read the numbers, I expect. The helmets look OK. Not like Texas, but still pretty good.

The uni blog guy really hates the color black and thick stripes. He must really hate zebras. HAHAHAHAHAH. Never a dull moment.


I can't see spending #1 draft pick money on a LB or OL that are not sure things, but teams spend #1 draft pick money all the time on QBs that are 30-40% chance of panning out.

Have you seen the Lions new unis? The Uniwatch blog has a full review

I'm glad the kept the Honolulu Blue and Silver. I'm glad they (mostly) got rid of the black. I think a more fierce Bubbles is an improvement. The numbers look a little weird, but I don;t have a real problem with it. Since it could have been much worse, I give it a passing grade...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lions' draft

I don't really know if I agree with anything you said. This team was BAD last year. Real bad. Placing a rookie QB in that position will only do one thing...ruin the QB. No QB put on a team as bad as this will ever be an above average QB in any situation. The only thing that could save him is to somehow get away from the Lions after 2 years. If he doesn't, he'll end up being an also ran.

As far as how it will affect the Lions, I think they need to just get a group of above average supporting members. It would be cheaper than a QB, they would likely be able to contribute now and there is better chance they can improve independent of what the rest of the team is doing. A great LB can play well on a bad defense. A great QB will be a bad QB on a bad offense.

All of my comments above, of course, are based on an assumption that the Lions will, someday soon, be heading in the right direction. I think 3 or 4 wins, would be real good this year. Unfortunately, 3-4 wins next year would probably be pretty good for the Lions, too.

So, might as well just get the QB, hope he doesn't play the piano, and throw him to the wolves (and the Bears and the Packers and the...)


I did get my renewal paperwork. That incentive for paying by echeck is hard to pass up. TIC

Detroit Lions Draft

As usual, the Lions can't catch a break. When they get the #1 pick, there is no obvious #1 choice - not in a too many to choose from way - in a everyone is a late first round draft pick at best kind of way.
The options, according to the experts, are Aaron Curry - Wake Forest Linebacker, Jason Smith - Baylor OL, and Matthew Stafford - Georgia QB.
I'll admit I don't know anything about the first two, but I don't think that changes my opinion. When there is no clear choice I'd go with the QB. I think a QB is more likely to be "worth" #1 draft pick money. My only argument for going with one of the others would be the assumption that the Lions will be in the bottom 3-4 next year and be able to draft Bradford/McCoy...

Football ticket renewal

Did you get the M football season ticket renewal info? The "bonus" for paying by electronic check this year is a gift card for M merchandise...

Monday, April 20, 2009

April in the D

The Tigers seem to have started nicely. I would give full credit to this point to improved pitching. Other than Verlander and 1 or 2 bad relief outings the pitching staff has been very good. Secondarily, the defense is greatly improved all along the left side with Inge back at third, Santiago and Everett at short and Anderson (not so much Guillen) in left. The signs are there for much improvement, but it is only April...
The Pistons will be done in a week or so, I think it is time for Dumars to get more heat. From the revolving door of coaches to trades and draft picks that don't seem to provide much help, he needs to start putting up.
The Wings will go as far as their defense holds up. It would be nice if Osgood could be the worst goalie to win 3 Stanley Cups...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dr. Horrible, duke bball

I think you'll find Dr. Horrible to be good. Better than most things you watch on TV.

Did you hear, some basketball player from Duke might play football for M. If you put some time into it, you can probably find something about it on the interwebs.

Dr Horrible

I haven't watched it, but I've been meaning to. Doogie seems to do a really good job at the deadpan silliness.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

lost, horrible

Yeah, the remembering everyone is an obvious problem. Maybe they do have an answer. We know that thought of that question. Hurley asked Miles a question about that last week or two weeks ago.

It is still a very good show.

Have you seen Dr. Horrible? I don't know how popular is really is, but I just watched it last weekend. It is great.

lost and Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox was interviewed in Entertainment Weekly about his guest starring role on Rescue Me. They asked about other shows he would be like to be on. He thought about Lost but said whenever they're doing something about time travel he expects Christopher Lloyd to come along, "Great Scott, Faraday, we've damaged the flux capacitor!!!" I thought that was pretty funny.
You should track all the potential Lost time travel problems so that when the show resolves it all we can say "but they didn't answer why Alex didn't remember Sawyer/Lefevre before she got shot..."


Any time something like this happens, it is just so strange. To do it at all has its level of warped. But, to not be able to resist doing it somewhere that you know would have consequences to your career, you really have to have a problem. I really don't know how bad any of this is. I'm sure if you wanted child porn it is easy to find online. But, it had to come from somewhere, and if you don't have that sense of concern or those involved (when you are father yourself, no less), then you really do have a problem. Sounds like it may be one he can't correct on his own.

I hate stories like this.


That idea about Miles getting himself off the island is possible. I think yesterday's episode was good, too, but I think that whole 'Miles sees Miles' tells you exactly what is wrong with the time travel plot. I hate time travel things where they say there are rules, but then there aren't. In y our scenario, for instance, Miles' mom would see Miles grown up and say "Wow, you look just like the man that helped us off the island. His name was Miles, too." Stupid.

I really like the whole "shadow of the statue" group. Who the heck are they? Why did they know to be on the plane that crashed? Why did they want Said? etc, etc, etc.

Jack could have said "I don't know Kate, but she just seems like someone who cares."

Hurley is still the best character.

Jim Cnockart

His troubles continue. I had heard rumors this was the reason he "left the Ann Arbor News"

Lost - spoiler alert if you haven't seen 4/15 episode

I thought Lost was pretty good last night. I really enjoyed Hurley's attempts to get Miles and Dr. Candle to interact during the car ride. And having Faraday show up on the sub - OUTSTANDING.

My co-worker had a good idea - do you think Miles (adult Miles) somehow gets young Miles and his mother off the island?


What a surprise, I disagree with the NCAA. I think the opposite would make more sense. They'll let you change schools without penalty to switch sports but not to start grad school. Seems more athlete-student than student-athlete...

5th year/transfer/ change of sports

From what I've read, Paulus wouldn't have to sit out a year if he plays football if is he an undergrad because he hasn't played football for the past two years. But he would have to sit out if he becomes a grad student. He could apply for a waiver. If he doesn't get it, he will be out of eligibility by the time the next season comes.

It is all very confusing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Unless he actually hopes to go to grad school in AA. Either that, or he likes the helmet.


I've heard both. I think grad school makes more sense - or at least ethically makes more sense. Perhaps the saddest point of the whole affair is a kid feels he has a better chance to play at Michigan than at Duke?!?!?!

grad school

Is the waiver for grad school transfer, or other sport transfer?


I did notice the change - very well done.

If there is a rule that allows graduates to "transfer" to another school for Grad school and not wait a year to participate athletically, I don't have a problem with it. I guess it might be more disruptive in the non-revenue sports than in basketball or football.

If you graduated and are going to a grad school the NCAA should give you any break they can. I remember Tim McCormick went pro because he didn't get accepted by the M business grad school.

Paulus, Forcier

I did hear about him. I also heard Jason Forcier may try to come back to M while he is at grad school. If he doesn't get a spot on the team, he could be a GBB (Graduate Big Brother).

Did you notice I changed the explanation of the Blog?

nhl playoffs & Paulus...

When did you get cable?

Did you hear about the Duke point guard potentially talking with RR about using his final year of eligibility to play football at M? Apparently he was a decent QB in HS. I've heard there is (or was) a loophole for athletes coming in as Grad students. i.e. since he's graduated/ing from Duke he isn't punished for going to grad school elsewhere.


And we can watch all the games on Versus.

NHL playoffs

IMO there is little more compelling than playoff hockey. The emotional edge of the game is readily apparent right there on the ice. As the series go on the intensity only gets higher. The excitement a player shows when he scores an OT goal in the playoffs is real not a choreographed TD celebration.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bird

My first Tiger game (in 76, I believe) was also significant for Fidrych. We sat in box seats and I got an autograph by him in my program. Of course, he was just scribbling them without looking at what he was signing, so it happens to be upside down. I remember that he took his time when he was signing baseballs. If only I had a baseball....

My second Tiger game (in 77?), I have this memory that Fidrych was a relief pitcher. I never hear that he was doing relief, but that is my memory. It may be wrong.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I was shocked to hear about the death of Mark Fydrich. He was probably the first Tiger I remember. The first game I went to was June 20 1977 he pitched against the Hated Yankees. I remember driving down to Tiger Stadium and standing in line to by tickets the day before. The game was on ABCs Monday Night Baseball - which was about as big as MNF at the time. Howard Cosell was in the booth etc.
We sat in the second to last row of the upper deck right behind home plate. I remember Billy Martin was the manager for the Yankees at the time. He was expected to be fired any day. The Tigers fans gave him the second biggest ovation other than Fydrich. I didn't know why, but he had been the manager of the last Tigers Division Champs team in '72.
I learned to keep the boxscore with my dad's help. Somewhere in my parents house we must have the program.
The Tigers led 2-1 in the 8th when the Yankees brought in their feared pinch hitter Cliff Johnson. I had to go to the bathroom... My dad reminded of me of this for a long time. The Bird Struck him but all we heard was the cheers of the crowd. I'd never seen a trough urinal like they had in the Stadium.
I see by the Googled box score the Yankees only got 3 hits. Reggie Jackson knocked home Thurman Munson on a sacrifice fly. Steve Kemp and Aurelio Rodriguez had the Tigers RBIs scoring Tito Fuentes and Jason Thompson.
The 1977 season was the last time Fydrich saw any real success. His injury in the spring of that season never really healed. But his 1976 season was magical. 19-9 2.34 era. on a 57th place team that had lost a team record number of games the year before.
If you look at the wikipedia account of his 1976 season you really see how ridiculous his season was. At least 2 of his losses were 1-0 or 2-0. He pitched two 11-inning complete games for victories and 24 total complete games.
I'll close with a line from John Greenleaf Whittier:
For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these: `It might have been!


I don't recall seeing him play at all on Saturday. The program listed him at WR, but as you mentioned that position is about 20 deep.


Did Feagin play on Saturday? If yes, where and how often?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

chop house, football

It sounds somewhat fun. I don't think, however, that I would have the in that you have. You were with former players. I would be just a fan, and I don't usually get into the fan worship thing. The talk about past M football would be fun, though.

I understand that there are many many people who know about football than I do who think the RR hire was good. I wouldn't argue with them. The thing is, though, he hasn't actually done anything showing that it was. I'm giving him time. I don't think this year is make or break by any means. I just want progress, and based on the spring game, I expect a better season. Watching footage of last years spring scrimmage was painful. This year's wasn't. That's progress.

I listened to some of Sam Webb and Michael Taylor this morning (no, i didn't call in and challenge on his age). One thing that was brought up was that they have lost a number of players that weren't buying into the system. I understand that to a point, but didn't we hear the same thing between the time RR was hired and last fall? Just how many people do you need to get rid of to make the team better? I'm suspicious when I hear things like that. Almost like they are trying to justify last year's record.

Football alumni @ Chop House

I went with my Dad and Barry to the Football Alumni dinner at the Chop House last night. Jamie Morris shook our hands as we came in. Barry Introduced us to Jim Connelly (Captain of the 1964 Rose Bowl Team). They discussed the options for their 45th reunion this season - either Notre Dame or Indiana depending on which works best for Bump. I wasn't sure he was still alive. Barry said he's doing very well.
We also met and had a pretty nice chat with Don Dufek (MVP of the 1951 Rose Bowl). He was an assistant for Bump when Barry played and was the coach who told Barry he would never be a QB for Michigan. He and my dad discussed some of the players my dad tried to remember.
Don also talked about how happy he was with some of the things RR was doing. Obviously there are some split camps out there, but in my mind Dufek is Michigan royalty (two sons who were also at least all-big 1o performers - Donny also played hockey - Awesome!) and if he's still pleased with RR - who am I to not be?
We left before the program started. Barry was ready to go - since no more teammates seemed to be showing up, and of course my dad didn't have anyone from his era.
It was fun, though. You should go next year.

Spring game plus

I don't know if they still have the personnel problems they had when Lloyd stopped having a true blue-white scrimmage, but I'd like the to go back to that format, if possible. It would give fans a chance to see individual players playing against opponents of all levels. And the fans would pull for offensive big plays, as they do anyhow.

spring game

Wow, you last entry was very blog-like

I watched the game online. I believe it was the video feed from the megatron (do they still call them that?). The audio was from TKA. I didn't watch every play, and I could only see what was on the screen, but WTKA had some good in-booth people (Minnery, Hanlon, etc), as well as the occasional on-field interview with Michael Taylor (age 47), Mike Hart, etc. I didn't listen to any pre or post game so I don't know how that went.

Forcier has skill, which I expected, but he made a few boffo mistakes. He seems to be smart and barring injuries, should be very very good in a couple years.

The O, in general, looked good. I was impressed with the running game, usually. I think all of the backs looked good. Looking forward to seeing healthy, happy Carlos Brown, along with Minor. Could be a good backfield.

There are 27 WRs, and they are all OK. I really don't like the WR corp. Hopefully, Rodrig's offense will make them look better than I think they are.

Defensively, it was disappointing that the 1st D didn't dominate the second O. It could be a long season in that area. I expect improvement, but I have a feeling there will a call for a new DC after the season by many people.

I was suprised at how realistic most of the broadcasters were when discussing the possible record. The only times I heard 8-4 was when it was followed by the words "easy schedule". Otherwise, it was below that. The most (over)confident were the former players. I think it just hurts them to predict 6-6 for their old program.

I really think some blogger who has time for it should make a big deal out of the Michael Taylor age thing and pursue/investigate it through whatever means they have. I did send an email to WTKA just to see if they (or he) would respond. I doubt if they will. If it was someone that I didn't think was an idiot, I probably wouldn't care. But, because I think most of what he says is stupid, I want to call him out on it. Next time he is on the air, you need to call in.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Game thoughts

We headed over to the spring game this morning shortly after 8 to tour the locker rooms. As we approached Main Street we could see there was a line that extended almost to Keech. It is important to note, the line was like 3-4 people wide went around the south end of the stadium around the south and east sides of Crisler to the locker room. Since we didn't have anything else to do, we got in line and took our chances.

We saw the MGoBlog/Varsity Blue tail gate. They had about 5-6 people but every once in a while some one would walk up to Brian and shake his hand. I'm pretty sure one of the people around the grill was gsimms85 of 3 and out.

Shortly after that they stopped letting people into the locker rooms so we didn't make it.

The Flag game was pretty lame - Brando and Beckman were on the field trying to make it exciting with immediate interviews etc - but it didn't really work. Larry Foote (don't tell the Steelers) was the best player along with Ron Bellamy (as Johnny from RBUAS could have told you.)

The 1st string offense looked pretty good at times. I would say Tate seemed to be more confident in his reads etc. than Threet or Sheridan had been last season. His arm seems to be acceptable and his mobility is much needed for this offense to work. I wouldn't be surprised to see mistakes of overconfidence more than anything else.

Carlos Brown and Kevin Grady had some nice plays. Roundtree made some nice catches. One the 2nd and 3rd team offense I thought Jim Potempa is someone to root for. He runs straight ahead and seems to fall forward - it wold be great to see him play 4-5 games this season as that would probably mean M is way ahead.

The defense did not show much. I didn't realize Warren was injured. Graham didn't play much. Mike Martin didn't play at all and RVB got hurt early and didn't return. Hopefully their absence explains some of the lack of results from the D.

They announced an estimated crowd over 50,000. I don't doubt that number. Stadium looks like it is going to be very nice when it is done. I'll try to figure out how to post the photos I took.

Happy Easter/Passover/Second weekend in April.

Friday, April 10, 2009


The soccer part must have been in the first because I didn't see that.

Yeah, Andy is always singing. He isn't bad.

the Office

The Dwight & Andy scenes were outstanding. I know the actor who play Andy was actually an acapela singer in college - it seems like he's always trying to sing something.
Dwight calling out Jim on the soccer was very funny also. Good to see they're willing to turn the tables a little. I think the second episode was better than the first.

Taylor, Office

Maybe he said he is "forty-something" and you heard 47. He doesn't want the Spartans to know exactly how old he is because that will give them an unfair advantage.

I didn't watch the first episode (was watching Survivor), but I caught the second one. The music duel/duet was great. Most everything was with Dwight and Andy. Though I laughed at other parts with Jim and Michael's paper company, it all makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I guess I like my sitcoms to be happy, and my sitcom heroes to be happy, generally. I'll watch the first episode tonight and see what I think.

Last word on Taylor DOB

From the 1988 Media guide - date of birth for Michael Taylor 2/16/1967. So either I heard him wrong, he can't do math or he lied about his age in the 80s...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

That sounded a little....


WTKA from practice today

Sam Webb and Andy Evans are live from today's Michigan football practice. Just interviewed RR. They're going to announce which players are on which team for the flag game... how exciting.

Frozen Four

Hockey Frozen Four starts today in DC. Boston University and 3 teams with no chance - Miami (not that Miami, except in hockey they are that Miami), Vermont and Bemidji State.
Next year the Frozen Four is at Frod Field - hopefully M will be back in it. On the day of the final they let people come in and skate on the rink - pretty cool idea.


No, I don't really look at any recruiting stuff. Anytime I read an interview with a recruit on a blog I get a little uncomfortable. Recruiting is sleazy. Reporting on recruiting is sleazy.

Ignoring Jim's last post

Do you ever read the TomVH interviews with potential recruits in MGoBlog? That guy creeps me out. Apparently he "friends" all these 16-18 year-olds on the Book of Face.
He'll be meeting with Chris Hanson on Dateline NBC before too long...


I think I get it. He is not a character actor.


The character committed suicide not the actor. The actor is working for Obama not the character.


With all of the things Ben has done in his long, evil life, shooting Desmond in the shoulder is really no big deal. In fact, if he hadn't shot Desmond, Penolope wouldn't have seen him, Charley wouldn't have come out of the living quarters, and Ben wouldn't have put down the gun. If anything, Desmond should be thanking him for saving his wife's life by shooting him when he did.

How could somebody commit suicide then work for Obama. Is this a Lost plotline?

Lost confusion and House

So I just found out at lunch from my co-worker that Desmond actually did get shot. I had forgotten we had a EBS test crash our cable for about 3 minutes last night. When it came back Desmond was pounding Ben and they fell in to the water. I didn't see he actually got shot!

Now I change it to Ben apologized for shooting him - sorry for my confusion...

House is very good (and he and his boss mention meeting at Michigan!) One of his team committed suicide as a complete surprise in the last episode. Apparently the actor (Kal Penn) is now working for the Obama administration - weird.


If Ben didn't kill Des' family, then what is there to apologize for? Was it thrown in there just so we could all assume something really bad would happen? And then nothing did? That's what is seems like to me.

Your said:
"I think they're using Richard's "he'll never be the same or remember any of this" comment to Sawyer to explain why Ben doesn't remember any of them."
If so, that is weak. Though it is possible.

You said:
"I wonder if Faraday killed himself or something - didn't Sawyer make a face about him when asked or did I just make that up?" I don't remember. I know something was mentioned about him, but I can't remember what is was. At the time I remember thinking it probably meant something.

Your Said:
"Speaking of Suicide, do you watch House?" No. I have heard nothing but good about that show, but have never seen it.

I like the 'here's 3 answers and 2 more questions' method of Lost right now. It is the way the show should be. Some of the wrapups are a little abrupt, but at least they are being addressed.


I don't think Ben killed any of the Hume clan. I think he apologized for the whole situation.

I wonder if we'll see Ethan's conversion to Otherdom - maybe he just tagged along with Ben sometime and it was either kill him or accept him and Richard decided to accept him.

I thought the stealing of Alex was pre Dharma killing (I thought he looked like he was supposed to be younger than when he gassed them), but now that you mention it, it probably makes more sense that it was after.

I think they're using Richard's "he'll never be the same or remember any of this" comment to Sawyer to explain why Ben doesn't remember any of them.

Not sure about the "shadow of the statue" people - I assume it will lead us to the 4-toed statues, though. I wonder if the guy Ben shot is dead or if he'll be another Islander survivor...

I wonder if Faraday killed himself or something - didn't Sawyer make a face about him when asked or did I just make that up?

Speaking of Suicide, do you watch House?


Why would Ben tell Sun to apologize to Desmond? Just for shooting him? Really. I almost feel like there is more to it. But I don't see them revisiting that scene. I don't think he killed Penny. Or little Charley (who is named after his father's friend, as well as his grandfather).

So, Ben stole Alex on his own. But when did Ethan become an other. I couldn't tell how old Ben looked. Was the stealing of Alex pre or post Dharma-gassing?

Where's Said?

And what's the deal with the new group on the beach that seem to know something?

Did Ben really not know about Jack and the gang being in Dharma in the 70s? If not, then this time travel thing is just too illogical.

Where's Faraday (in the 70s)?

So, the monster allowed Ben to live, but not Eko. Interesting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


That's not as stupid as I expected from you.


When my dad was a kid, his family called him Augustino (little August). Eventually they shortened it to Stino. All my cousins on his side of the family call him Uncle Stino.

What is Stino

Stino vs. O band-o

Those are fighting words. He may have been taken by surprise by the initial attack but he took out 3 buckeyes in return...


According to the site I found, it says he graduated from HS in 1984. That would make him about 42-43. Are you sure you heard that right?

I'm looking forward to seeing your dad out there. I'm not sure he will do too well. He couldn't even handle the OSU band-o.


I think I have some old programs from 88-89 at home. I'll look tonight.

I don't think my dad is playing in the flag football game...


In 1987, he and Brown were either sophomores or redshirt sophomores (rs frosh, er first year students). Unless he was an old student, but I think we would have known that. Especially if it was 5 years older.


He's calling in right now. Dumb is correct. But he said he's 47 years old. I thought he was the same age as us, maybe a year older... How is he 47?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I listened to a little bit of the Michael Taylor anti-MSU rant from this morning. He really is dumb. He was dumb on the post-game shows. He's dumb with Sam on Sundays. He is just dumb.

He was really dumb when he said the game has changed and he would have made it to the NFL nowadays. DUMB

He's playing in the flag football game. As long as he doesn't talk.

0407 408PM

I fixed the time.

pacific time

Why is our clock in pacific time instead of eastern? Your post titled 203 shows up as being posted at 11:03...

Are you trying out for the arena team? Imagine how well the eye of the tiger will work when you allow a player to be moving forward at the snap!!!

I don't think the Tigers will have enough pitching again this year. A couple of young kids made the opening day roster (one as a starter and one in the bullpen) but is still looks like they'll have to rely on Bobby Seay, Nate Robertson etc. too often to be successful.
We are at a dry time in sports. If you like baseball, then you have something to look forward to. But, I don't really care to much about baseball. I think Detroit has a team, but I'm not sure.

There's always Arena Football.

Waterford was supposed to be getting their team this year (The Oakland County Cruisers, or something like that), but there have been some problems with the financing of the stadium or something. They were a traveling team last year (I can't remember their name). I think they are going to do the same this year.


Yeah, I've never been much of a hater when it comes to M's rivals. I would have no problem with M and OSU going undefeated every year coming into THE GAME. It would be great. (now, only one side tries to do that).

And I agree that I don't care if MSU fans wouldn't pull for M, even when it could help them. That issue came up prior to the M-OSU game last year. I think if M would have won, MSU may have gone to the RB or something. I really don't remember. In any case, I generally want it to benefit M. If MSU would have won last night, it would have benefitted the B10, and therefore it would have benefitted M.

NPR and more

I'm not sophisticated enough to listen to NPR. I get the Cartalk guys and Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me as podcasts and listen to them as I walk in to work - but that's about all I can handle.

I don't understand callers and hosts on WTKA rooting for MSU to lose. I guess for me my rooting interests beyond Michigan are not tied to whether they're Michigan's big rival or not. I was tired of hearing how the Big East and ACC were so much better than the Big1T1en. I didn't have a problem rooting for the Spartans over Louisville, UConn or UNC.

I don't like the argument that - "well you know they wouldn't be pulling for M if the situation was reversed..." Who cares? I don't care if my rivals pull for me - maybe it is even better that they don't. I could argue that being able to root for the Spartans is because I don't consider them a threat. I have a greater dislike for teams from ESPNs-conferences-of-love than I do for MSU or OSU. If that means Jamie Morris, Mike Taylor or an MGoIdiot think I'm not a true M fan so be it.

and more radio

I think I'll just listen to NPR most of the time. Sure, it gets annoying sometimes (especially Detroit Public Radio, which has some crazy do-gooder crap on) but at least I feel like I'm not wasting my brain cells.

more radio

Stoney & Wojo had their good moments - but got to be very predictable. I really enjoyed Sean Baligian's show. He was a big MSU fan but didn't let it come through like Caputo or Valenti. The show was generally more about sports than Hollywood starlets or body excretions etc.


97.1 is nothing special. Unless it is football season, Karsch and Anderson get old fast. And Valenti and Foster are just fratboys. The thing I hate most in sports talk radio is the announcer who is a MAN and comments on things not being MANLY enough. That is V and F in a nutshell.

I miss Stoney and Wojo.

Thanks Jim

Thanks you for the kind words, and I'd like to thank all the readers for suggesting Jim finally add me as a contributor.
My first post will be about being unable to listen to local sports talk from 10-3. Unfortunately here at work I can't pick up 97.1/1270, so I'm stuck listening to Colin Cowherd form 10-2 and one hour of Tirico and Van Pelt. (If any of our faithful readers would like to chip in and get me speakers for my computer, that would be great.)
I disagree with Cowherd about 99% of the time. He prefers the NBA to college basketball, he thinks college athletes should be paid, he likes that there are dynasties in the NFL/NBA/MLB etc. Do people listen to him just to disagree?

Welcome, Mike

My many readers are going to be pleased to know that Mike will now be making entries to the blog.