Thursday, April 9, 2009


Why would Ben tell Sun to apologize to Desmond? Just for shooting him? Really. I almost feel like there is more to it. But I don't see them revisiting that scene. I don't think he killed Penny. Or little Charley (who is named after his father's friend, as well as his grandfather).

So, Ben stole Alex on his own. But when did Ethan become an other. I couldn't tell how old Ben looked. Was the stealing of Alex pre or post Dharma-gassing?

Where's Said?

And what's the deal with the new group on the beach that seem to know something?

Did Ben really not know about Jack and the gang being in Dharma in the 70s? If not, then this time travel thing is just too illogical.

Where's Faraday (in the 70s)?

So, the monster allowed Ben to live, but not Eko. Interesting.

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