Thursday, April 9, 2009


I don't think Ben killed any of the Hume clan. I think he apologized for the whole situation.

I wonder if we'll see Ethan's conversion to Otherdom - maybe he just tagged along with Ben sometime and it was either kill him or accept him and Richard decided to accept him.

I thought the stealing of Alex was pre Dharma killing (I thought he looked like he was supposed to be younger than when he gassed them), but now that you mention it, it probably makes more sense that it was after.

I think they're using Richard's "he'll never be the same or remember any of this" comment to Sawyer to explain why Ben doesn't remember any of them.

Not sure about the "shadow of the statue" people - I assume it will lead us to the 4-toed statues, though. I wonder if the guy Ben shot is dead or if he'll be another Islander survivor...

I wonder if Faraday killed himself or something - didn't Sawyer make a face about him when asked or did I just make that up?

Speaking of Suicide, do you watch House?

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