Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NPR and more

I'm not sophisticated enough to listen to NPR. I get the Cartalk guys and Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me as podcasts and listen to them as I walk in to work - but that's about all I can handle.

I don't understand callers and hosts on WTKA rooting for MSU to lose. I guess for me my rooting interests beyond Michigan are not tied to whether they're Michigan's big rival or not. I was tired of hearing how the Big East and ACC were so much better than the Big1T1en. I didn't have a problem rooting for the Spartans over Louisville, UConn or UNC.

I don't like the argument that - "well you know they wouldn't be pulling for M if the situation was reversed..." Who cares? I don't care if my rivals pull for me - maybe it is even better that they don't. I could argue that being able to root for the Spartans is because I don't consider them a threat. I have a greater dislike for teams from ESPNs-conferences-of-love than I do for MSU or OSU. If that means Jamie Morris, Mike Taylor or an MGoIdiot think I'm not a true M fan so be it.

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