Thursday, April 30, 2009

predicting the likelihood of Jim's prediction

I don't think you're too far off base. Looking at your last run down:

WMU #54 win
ND #52 i'd give us a win for this home game
EMU #110 win
Ind #104 win
at MSU #28 lose
at Iowa #24 lose
Del St. na win
PSU #7 lose
at IL #67 i'd lean toward a loss on the road
PU #76 win
at WIS #53 this is a loss on the road
OSU #11 lose

without doing any homework I would say:
WMU is still a mid 50's team - win at home
ND will be better - loss based on CFRC
EMU still horrible - Win
Indiana as above - win
@ MSU - Spartans will not be as good as last year but probably in the 40s so loss on road
@ Iowa - Hawks are probably still in the 20s - loss
Delaware St - Win
PSU - I would think they;ll slide into the 20s - loss
@ Illinois - probably better than last year into the 40-50s - so loss on the road
Purdue - worse or equal to last year - win
@ Wisconsin - probably still a 50s team loss on road
OSU - 7-15 loss

So that would yield a 5-7. I don't like using the guessed at CFRC to determine Ms record. I prefer using all time winning percentage or all time wins. M = 13-0 MNC baby!

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