Monday, January 9, 2012

January prediction for M 2012 record

vs Alabama @ Dallas -L
Air Force -W
Massachusetts - W
@ Notre Dame - L
@ Purdue -W
Illinois - W
@ Nebraska - L
@ Minnesota - W
Northwestern - W
Iowa - W
@ OSU - L
boneg Championship game vs Wisconsin - L
Insight Bowl vs. Kansas St - W


  1. On a game-by-game, your predictions are exactly what most reasonable people would say. What I find unusual, though, is that you think M will lose 2 conference games and make it to the Boneg championship game. That MSU win appears to be very important.

  2. I figured 2 losses would be common. I guess it would need to be a 3 way tie with Nebraska and someone or Nebraska would need a 3rd loss somewhere. I just don't feel like the conference is very strong.
    So of course - Purdue will go 14-0 and be MNC...