Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Prediction for M 2014 record

Having predicted M to lose in the conference championship game each of the last two years, I think it is time to step down the expectations.

Appalachian State - W
at Notre Dame -L
Miami (NTM) - W
Utah - W
Minnesota - W
at Rutgers - W
Penn State - W
at MSU - L
Indiana - W
at Northwestern - W
Maryland - W
at OSU - L
Cap One vs. LSU* - L

9-4 - Prove me wrong Michigan, please prove me wrong!

Accuracy check:
2012: Predicted 9-5; ended 8-5
2012: Predicted 10-4; ended 7-6

* I was a year off prediction M vs. Kansas State, so I'll try to double up on my LSU prediction

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