Friday, January 3, 2014

Sooners Surprise in Sugar

Oklahoma didn't worry about being a two touchdown underdog. They turned the table and beat defending National Champion Alabama by two touchdowns. Maybe Stoopes was right about the Big 12 being comparable to the SEC?
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Of course the most important question, is "What is the soonest M can win the trophy?"

Here is Oklahoma's 2014 schedule:

8/30/2014Louisiana Tech
9/20/2014at Tulsa
9/27/2014at WVU
10/4/2014at TCU
10/11/2014vs. Texas
10/18/2014Kansas St
10/30/2014at Iowa St
11/15/2014at Texas Tech
11/29/2014Oklahoma St

As you can see they do not play Michigan, nor do any of their opponents. So we have to go down a level.

LaTech's schedule is not set, but their non-conference schedule includes NORTHWESTERN State (boo), Auburn and Louisiana Lafayette. Nothing likely there.
After Oklahoma, Tennessee faces only SEC teams and Chattanooga, still not looking good.
Tulsa's schedule is also not finalized. After Oklahoma their only non-conference game is North Texas.
Then we get into conference schedules. It looks like Michigan's best chance again is going to be in Bowl season.

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