Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - 32 days

September 14, 1985
Michigan 20 - Notre Dame 12

This was my first game as a college student, my first game game without the "safety" of my family. Again, I don't remember too much about the actual game. Michigan was coming off their worst season since the year I was born. They had finished 6-6 in 1984, and there were real questions out there about whether Bo had lost it.

They came in unranked for probably the first time in Bo's coaching career at Michigan. Jim Harbaugh was back healthy again, his broke arm was partially to blame for the poor 1984 season. There were some questions about Notre Dame too. Gerry Faust had not impressed and was starting what would be his last season as the Irish coach. But they were ranked 13th coming in.

I had only ever been to homecoming games, I had never seen the opponents band. I didn't realize that Temptation and Hawaiian War Chant weren't part of every halftime show.

I think my friendship with jiMpossible was solidified during this game. We knew more about Michigan Football than the rest of our gang. Too bad he hasn't increased his knowledge since :-)

Michigan's defense held when it mattered, holding the Irish to 4 field goals. With the victory, M started a path towards one of Bo's best seasons.

Michigan's season starts in 32 days, they're coming off the two worst seasons in my lifetime. If they don;t turn it around this year, I think there is a chance the QB from 1985, may be coming back...

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