Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comment #2

The other thing I want to mention has to do with woolfolk’s comments. I’m not talking about the comments he made about Forcier, but rather the comments that he pays attention during films rather than listening to his ipod or texting or whatever he said he used to do. I don’t like being one of those guys who finds a bad thing to say about RR whenever something is mentioned about the team, but this comment startled me. I know times are different, but I’m pretty convinced Bo would have made sure there were no ipod’s or cell phones on in the classroom, and maybe not even on in the building (which would result in a group of guys standing just outside the door texting, I’m sure). It took Mark Messner (I believe) as a guest to comment that he didn’t like the players using their headphones when getting off the bus for RR to change his rules (but I still have seen them with headphones on when going from bus to locker room, so maybe that really didn’t change). I admit I am an old fuddy-duddy about some things, but that comment by woolfolk really does reinforce the difference between Bo and RR. Woolfolk may have brought his device in during the Carr era, too, of course, but Lloyd has given me evidence that he is a Michigan Man as I want the M coach to be. Rr hasn’t done that yet.

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  1. I think this is definitely you being all "get off my lawn!" But I don;t disagree with you.
    If you're going to a football meeting, unless you're listening to a coaching podcast - or maybe the latest marching band CD - there is no reason to have your headphones. Leave them at your locker or don;t even bring them into the building.