Sunday, August 29, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - Catch-up days 12-10

Day 12

August 31, 2002

Michigan 31 - Washington 29

A back and forth game on HOT August afternoon - I think someone behind us got carried out on a stretcher. Michigan had missed 3 field goals on the day, including a 27 yard attempt with under 2 minutes to go. Michigan's Defense held, giving the Wolverines the ball back with under a minute to go. Two players made their biggest contributions to Michigan football history in that last minute. Tyrece Butler jumped on a Braylon Edwards fumble to keep M in possession. Then, Phil Brabbs (whose house I walk by everyday on the way to work) nailed a 44 yard field goal as time expired. This is the first game I remember when the team jumped into the stands to celebrate with the students.

Day 11

August 26, 1995

Michigan 18 - Virginia 17

The only non-home game I've ever been to in Michigan Stadium. Because it was the "Pigskin Classic" one endzone was painted "Virginia" - Michigan was horrible in the first half. I fully expected Brian Griese to come in for Scott Dreisbach to start the second half. Michigan trailed 7-0 at the half (it should have been worse) and 17-0 early in the 4th quarter. When Michigan finally did get on the scoreboard, the missed the PAT keeping the score at 17-6. Half-way through the quarter, Michigan scored again, but the 2-point conversion failed leaving the score 17-12. Dreisbach led the final drive down into the red zone. Tyrone Butterfield is famous for not catching the 3rd down pass that would have ended the game. Then on 4th down Dreisback hit Mercury Hayes for Lloyd Carr's first victory and Michigan's greatest statistical comeback (at the time).

Day 10

November 22, 1997

Michigan 20 - OSU 14

Michigan had knocked off undefeated OSU 3 of the past 4 seasons. Now the Buckeyes were trying to return the favor. With Michigan leading 7-0, Charles Woodson took a punt back Desmond Howard style to give M a 13-0 lead. Rob Swett made a great hustle play when the PAT was blocked. Andy Katzenmoyer was more than half way to bringing it all the way back for 2 points, when Swett finally chased him down.
Early in the 2nd half, the Buckeyes finally mounted a drive - Woodson jumped in front of a pass in the endzone ending their drive. Their second drive ended in even a worse interception as Clarence Weathers took one all the way back for a score making it 20-0. The defense allowed a little comeback making the final 20-14.

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