Saturday, August 21, 2010

Countdown to kickoff day 14

January 2, 1989

Michigan 22- USC 14

I had been to the Rose Bowl following the 1986 season. Michigan fell apart in the second half and lost to Arizona State (noise!). I was hoping for a better result this time around. I flew out with the Movalson's from Escanaba to Green Bay to LAX. My original flight plan fell through and I was able to tag along with them somehow. I stayed with my sister Ann in Lancaster she was very pregnant with Sarah (born 1/16/89), so I went to the game with her husband Jim.

I think I got the tickets through jiMpossible (he was a student manager for the football team from 1987-1989 - I'm surprised you didn't know that...) So we were seated amongst the players families etc.

With Michael Taylor out for the game - injured in the rain against Minnesota - Demetrius Brown was back under center. USC took advantage early, they lead 14-3 at the half. To add insult to injury, the USC fans pelted the Michigan Marching Band with commemorative seat cushions as they walked around the field after their half-time show was complete.

In the second half, Leroy Hoard took over. He ended up the MVP.

With Michigan holding on to a 22-14 lead Rodney Peers tried to mount a tying drive, but the Michigan defense held and we got to celebrate the victory in the Arroyo Secco.

Outside the stadium Jim& I could not find the car on the golf course for about an hour.

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