Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Countdown to Kickoff - 24 days

January 1, 2003

Michigan 38 -Florida 30

Michigan came in 9-3 with a close loss at Notre Dame, a bad homecoming loss to Iowa and a close loss to eventual MNC OSU. Florida was a disappointing 8-4, and the noose was tightening over Ron Zook's neck. (Zook played in the first college game I ever attended. He was a Miami Redskin in the 44-21 defeat of Western Michigan on November 8, 1975).
When it was announced M would play in Tampa, we hemmed and hawed about going. We finally decided we would fly into Jacksonville, stay with my sister and family and then drive down to Tampa on gameday. Unfortunately by that time the Michigan allotment of tickets had sold out. And, apparently Florida fans were interested as well, so no tickets were available on the bowl website.
We still went through with the travel plans and figured we'd be able to buy tickets easily on gameday. We did eventually find a pair of tickets that were somewhat reasonable for Melissa and I, but nothing in the price range the Braggs were interested in. So they were nice enough to watch the game in a Tampa pub, while we went to the game.
Chris Perry was dominant in the game 4 rushing TDs. John Navarre was steady, hitting Ron Bellamy for a TD just before the half to keep the momentum Michigan's way.
The NFL stadium was mostly Gator fans - getting their drink on on an 11am Kickoff.
The 2 most memorable plays were Florida TE Ben Troupe hurdling a Michigan defender to avoid a tackle and the Gators final chance - a reverse flea flicker that ended up in the hands of Victor Hobson.

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