Tuesday, December 23, 2008



M led the conference in punting this year. For both average and total yards. M punted for 290.8 yards per game. PSU had the second highest average and they punted for 131.9 yards/game.

M punted 6.9 times per game.

M had 2.5 turnovers/game. That is 9.4 possessions per game of nothingness. M missed .42 FG per game. That's 12.32 possessions per game with no scoring. That doesn't count loss of downs.


9.4 + .42 = 9.82 not 12.32 :-)

Shavodrick Beaver will take care of all that - For Tulsa

Right. I added twice.

9.82 possessions. That is still CRAZY,

I predicted Sheridan will either start or at least play in at least one game during a very important time. I was put down by a lot of people on the chat where I said that. But it was because things like this happen to Rich Rodriguez. He has been counting on both Frosh recruits to come in and be good enough to play. Now one changes his mind. All it is going to take is for the other to get hurt, or be ineligible, and Sheridan is backup to a not good QB who has concussions.

We'll see what happens from here, but I am not budging from my 6-6 prediction. If anything, it will go down to 5-7, but I'll wait on that one until spring practice.

I've never really followed recruiting before (stupid mgoblog) but it seems like this many verbals decommitting is unusual

I really don't know. I don't even follow it now, but it is impossible not to remember a name like Beaver. And MGoBlog knocks us over the head with it.

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  1. Is it true that Zoltan will be the back up QB this year?