Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blocked by Jalen

On my Twitter feed today, I noticed someone had retweeted a post by Jalen Rose. I thought, "That's weird, why didn't I see his tweet in the first place?" So I checked and saw that I didn't follow him. Which, again, is weird, because I know I had been following him.
I figured, maybe with everything that had occurred with the Fab5 documentary, maybe he had thinned some of his followers. So I tried to follow him again.

When I clicked to follow him, I got an error message that I was blocked at the request of the user. Wow! Had I done something that offended him?

I went back and checked my own tweets and found this:

Fisher/Dutcher left Michigan & in 12 seasons built an irrelevant SDSU program into a top 10 squad-National Coach of the Year!

in reply to ↑

@ who's SDSUs Ed Martin?

hmmm, Not sure that really qualifies for a total blocking, but I don't hold any grudges.

I've played basketball at Burns Park with Mark Hughes, played IM basketball against Demetrius Calip and Sean Higgins (and won - by forfeit since they were ineligible) and now been blocked by Jalen Rose...

Go Blue!

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