Thursday, June 16, 2011


I realized what I don't like about the 'Legacy' uniforms. At first I thought maybe I was being an old curmudgeon and didn't like change, but that doesn't make sense because I do like the helmets/facemasks.  Then, I thought maybe it was that I don't like the stripes, but that isn't so because I think stripes do have a 'retro' look that is kindof neat.  What I really don't like about the jerseys is the color.  More specifically 'colors'.  The stripes give me way too much yellow (maize) on a beautifully navy (blue) jersey.  I don't know if they could have made the yellow stripes thinner, or had fewer of them, but I just don't like the amount of yellow they give to the great M jersey.

Oh, the other complaint I have about the jerseys aren't in the look, but in the function.  As in, the function of my eyes.  With those little numbers on the front, I will have to wait for players to turn around to see their numbers.  I like the block M in front, though, so I think I can live with adjusting my view to the big screen or to my device if I really want to know who did something on a play.


  1. I think the actual tech-fit jerseys look infinitely better than the one's they're selling at M-Den.
    My least favorite part is they replaced the block M on the pants with an Adidas logo - why?

  2. I hadn't noticed that change. I hope that isn't a change on the regular unis.