Sunday, November 20, 2011


  • I thought my 8-4 July prediction was pretty optimistic. Turns out I was a glass half empty guy.
  • The win does mean Michigan has beaten each conference opponent the first time I've seen them play. Nebraska joins Indiana as the only conference opponents I haven't seen beat Michigan.
  • Denard still seems tentative in his runs. I was glad to see him finally take the open field scramble rather than force a pass. He still seems to be making too many cuts rather than just running when he gets to open field.
  • Toussaint is good - sometimes he thinks he's Barry Sanders and turns a 1 yard loss into a 4 yard loss, but other than that - he has been stellar.
  • I'm happy for Martaveous Odoms. He has made a huge difference as a kick returner and he's becoming part of the passing game again. He was the ONLY offensive weapon on the 2008 team, he deserves to go out successfully.
  • Blake Countess is the best corner M has had in years. Not sure what the coaches thought when he was behind Woolfolk, Floyd and Avery at the beginning of the year. And he's only a freshman.
  • The defense will greatly miss Martin and Van Bergen next year. They are very good. I would be surprised if they're not playing on Sundays next year.
  • The power outage was weird. The underground men's room only had the emergency lights on. The scoreboards were out until just before the half. I assume jiMpossible's fan thingy would have worked - he would have been a star one eyed king amongst the blind.
Michigan has their best chance to beat OSU in quite a while - not sure when M was last favored in the game.

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