Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Michigan vs. South Carolina Prediction

As you can see this is not a "based on historical data" post. That means I'm not in Tampa driving to the Pirate Ship. But I have seen both teams play this year.

M is 6-1 in the games I've seen this year. South Carolina is 1-0. We drove down to Dallas for the Michigan defeat against Alabama. On the way we stopped in Nashville and watch SC defeat Vanderbilt.

The Gamecocks we not particularly impressive in their 17-13 win. Their starting QB, Connor Shaw, was injured for part of the game. His backups were not expecting to play and performed very poorly. In later starts, Dylan Thompson, was much more successful, twice he threw for over 300 yards.

SC also have Marcus Lattimore in this game - he scored both their TDs. Luckily for Michigan's sake, he will not be playing today.

Which team has improved more since that opening weekend? I think that will determine the winner. I don't know which it is. I hope it is Michigan...

M 27
SC 21

and happy birthday jiMpossible!

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