Thursday, September 17, 2015

UNLV prediction based on Antigonish

I will not be in attendance for (at least most of) Saturday's game vs. UNLV - RIP Aunt Wanda
Since I started at U of M in 1985 I have only missed 7 home games.

1987 vs. Notre Dame, a Michigan loss 26-7 - Never go to Pittsburgh when you could be in Ann Arbor.
1992 vs. Michigan State, an M victory 35-10 - went to a friend's wedding. I don't think I've even seen him since.
1994 vs. Penn State, M loses 31-24 - wedding in Pensylvania
1997 vs. Colorado, M wins 27-3 - funerals are when they are.
1998 vs. Eastern Michigan, M wins 59-20 - I finally had a job as a real pharmacist - but that meant I had to work on some weekends
1998 vs. Wisconsin, M wins 27-10 - see above - this was Wisconsin's only loss on the year
2001 vs. Illinois, M wins 45-20 - wedding

M 45 UNLV 3

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