Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trophy Time again

South Carolina's win over Florida last night gave them possession of the jiMpossible-sarcasMike Trophy.

This is the second time this season they won the trophy. The same team has won the trophy twice in the same season 3 times.

UCLA beat Tennessee to win the trophy on September 20, 1975. They lost it to #1 OSU two weeks later on October 4th. They took it back from the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl on New Years day.

Alabama beat Penn State in September 1987 to take the trophy. They then lost their next game to Florida. In early November they retook the trophy by beating LSU.

In 1991 Baylor knocked off Colorado to take the trophy. They lost it to Rice, then won it back from TCU.

The Gamecocks have 3 games left plus a bowl game.

vs. Auburn in SEC Championship game

I think there is a good chance they could lose it back again.

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