Thursday, December 2, 2010

I don't understand the NCAA ruling

From what I've read, the NCAA's decision in the investigation into the Cam Newton incident doesn't make any sense.

Ultimately they ruled that his dad did seek money from (at least) Mississippi State, but that since Cam didn't know about it, he's not punished. Since there is no evidence that Auburn paid any money, they're not punished.

Even the scourge of college athletics, Sonny Vaccaro, admits this makes it free reign for players handlers to go out and ask for money with the pretense that the player doesn't know about it.

I see this as a money grab for the NCAA. A BCS game without Auburn will be less interesting than with them. A Heisman given to a player other than Cam Newton would be viewed as going to a lesser player. I almost hope he did know, ask for, and get money from Auburn in a way we'll find out about in 1-5 years so that all this gets thrown out like the Reggie Bush years.


  1. Is there anyone (other than the Sports Law Blog guy) who agrees with this decision? I do my best to see the NCAA in a positive light because so many people hate it, but this is just strange.