Friday, December 17, 2010

MGoBlog comment - since I've apparently gotten the banhammer

I was reading this post from MGoBlog commenter SixZero. He is (or considers himself) a graphic artist and is commenting on the new Big Ten log and his distaste for BrianGoBlog's create a better logo contest.

Although he has other, probably true, arguments; to me it boils down to "You aren't _____, so you don't understand and shouldn't really comment on this."

Isn't that what the entire site does? No one is a player or coach yet they write diaries and posts about particular plays and players and why they failed or succeeded. This seems to me to the Mike Taylor argument - that "you've probably never played the game, so you don't know!"

I think the Big Ten's new logo is unimpressive, I think the suggested crest style logo is far superior. I don't think anyone needs to be a graphic artist to know that, anymore than they need to have been in the marching band to know that jiMpossible was the best Gilligan in the history of the MMB!

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  1. None of comments changes that many (maybe most) hate the logo. And if amateurs can produce something, it doesn't mean they know everything to know about the nuts and bolts of the process of implementing it, but it does mean there are many many many many people who are talented enough to produce an acceptable looking logo. Just as there are many many bloggers and posters who do quality writing about many different topics (though they probably don't even know how to apply for a press pass).

    You're right, though. There aren't many people who can do a good job at being Gilligan for the MMB.