Friday, April 29, 2011

Dragging out the NFL draft

I'm not a fan of the extended 3-day NFL draft. I didn't watch any of the draft coverage last night. I understand it went on past midnight.

The first round always took too long, but who cared on a Saturday afternoon. But if the choice is watching Berman and Kiper talk for 15 minutes between picks or watching Community, The Office, Parks & Rec and 30 Rock, the NFL draft loses every time.

For those of you who chose to waste time watching the draft instead - here are the NBC shows update -SPOILER ALERT - if you're waiting to watch them on your DVR

Community - Shirley had her baby - it was Andre's not Chang's

The Office - Michael's last episode - he was telling everyone he had one more day, but left a day early to head out to Boulder (he had to call Holly to find out where they were going to live)

Parks & Rec - Jerry's painting for the Pawnee govt art project showed Leslie as a topless centaur and Tom as a cherub. The townspeople were not happy with the nudity - but Leslie and Jerry tricked them in the end

30 Rock - Jack's wife Avery was arrested in North Korea. Liz was empowered by realizing she fixes all the problems on TGS, she should be able to do the same in her life. A plastic bag stuck in a tree becomes her white whale.

Meanwhile - Fairly seems like a nice get for the Lions!

I'm not sure how much of the later rounds I'll watch over the next couple days, probably not as much as I used to when the Draft first came to weekend television, that's for sure.

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