Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Dad's Band adventure with the OSU Marching Band

Prior to the 2005 Michigan - Ohio State football game, the field was lined with former Michigan letter-winners.

Since the 2003 (100th game between M & OSU) Michigan has invited their "Legends" back to either the OSU or MSU game to form a tunnel as the team comes out to touch the banner. My father had played freshman football for Michigan back in 1940. So he has been back for each of these games since 2003.

For the 2005 edition the field was particularly crowded. As the OSU band was finishing their pre-game show and headed towards the western sideline they were essentially forced into hundreds of former Michigan players.

Here's my dad, 83 years old, staring down the eyes of an 18-22 year old cymbalist. My father, unable to move - the cymbalist unwilling to leave his formation. A collision occurred, knocking my father to the ground - my dad says the cymbalist even hit my dad's chest with his cymbal to move him.

We should all be as healthy as my dad is at his age. Not only did he not break a hip, from the ground he purposefully kicked his feet around to take down the cymbal player and two of his bandmates.

Although I was at the game I was 90 rows and and entire football field away, I did not notice any of this happening, so I can only rely on his commentary. If anyone has footage of the OSU pregame show from 2005, I would greatly appreciate it!

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