Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fantasy Draft update

Back in August 10 of us attempted a college football fantasy draft. We got the idea from here. The ten of us drafted out the 120 teams. With just he bowl remaining I have the lead, but anything can happen.

I thought I'd break down the "best" and "worst" picks in each round.

Round 1: Boise St (Dad) - Florida State (Mason)
Round 2: Arkansas (Cory) - Akron (Kevin)
Round 3: Northern Illinois (Dad) - Troy (Cory)
Round 4: Houston (Melissa) - Maryland (Kara)
Round 5: Arkansas State (Kevin) - Army (Andy)
Round 6: Ohio (Laura) - Oregon State (Mike)
Round 7: Temple/Florida Intl (Dad/Jesse) - BC (Mason)
Round 8: Penn State (Mike) - Idaho/MTSU (Dad/Mason)
Round 9: Kansas State/La Tech (Kara/Laura) - Colorado (Kevin)
Round 10: Wyoming (Mason) - Indiana (Kara)
Round 11: Utah State (Laura) - Mississippi (Mason)
Round 12: La Lafayette (Jesse) - New Mexico (Mason)

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