Friday, December 30, 2011

Sugar Bowl prediction based on historical data

M is 172-48-1 in all games I have attended (all data refers to game I have attended unless otherwise stated.)
M is 28-14 in games away from Michigan Stadium
M is 6-5 in Bowl games (4-1 in non Rose Bowls)
M is 45-9 when facing a team for the first time (I have not seen M play any of those 9 teams a second time)
M is 18-3 against schools from the original 13 colonies/states
M is 3-1 in the 10th game I have attended in a particular season
M is 38-8 with #16 as their starting QB (I missed this but DRob's start vs. Nebraska pushed #16 ahead of #7 for number of QB starts.)
M is 24-5 against teams with bird based nicknames/mascots
M is 5-0 against teams from the ACC
M is 6-3 when ranked 13 (0-1 in Bowls)
M is 6-1 when facing the 17th ranked team (2-0 vs. the ACC)
M is 4-1 in night games
This is the first time I will see M play indoors.

It's simple when you add it all up...

M 27
Virginia Tech 17

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