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Team 133 seniors in sarcasMike History

Since I won't be going to the Outback Bowl, Michigan's victory over Iowa was the last time I will have seen the seniors of team 133 play for the Wolverines. From my weekly prediction posts you can tell I keep track of the outcomes of all the Michigan games I have attended.

I have a separate database that tracks the individual Michigan player statistics (rushing, passing, receiving and interceptions) in the games I've attended as well. So where do the departing seniors rank?

Rushing (top 20 in yards rushing):

Hart, Michael7493,6834.9316404-07
Thomas, Anthony6883,3844.9426097-00
Robinson, Denard4592,9406.4317909-12
Perry, Chris5452,7205.0296300-03
Wheatley, Tyrone3702,2946.2268291-94
Morris, Jamie4122,1825.3135784-87
Boles, Tony3341,8975.7188188-89
Biakabatuka, Tshimanga2361,5836.7126093-95
Powers, Ricky3111,4554.7133990-93
Minor, Brandon2211,2455.6155506-09
Toussaint, Fitzgerald2041,1635.7116110-12
Hoard, Leroy2161,1385.3145487-89
Williams, Clarence2651,1044.233295-98
Smith, Vincent1851,0275.695609-12
Howard, Chris2119694.693094-97
Askew, BJ2029354.6123099-02
Davis, Ed1938984.783392-95
Bunch, Jarrod2038884.465387-90
Shaw, Michael1338376.3125008-11
Jefferson, Allen1337615.787087-90

Denard ends up 3rd in yards rushing, 4th in carries and tied for 2nd in rushing TDs. Vincent Smith became the 15th to top the 1,000 yard mark in games I've attended (he did it against U-Mass). Fitz Toussaint is, hopefully still active.

Passing (top 20 in yards):

AttcomppctQB RateydsTDintlgyears
Henne, Chad93456260.2%132.86,28459226904-07
Navarre, John77545158.2%130.75,35543156400-03
Robinson, Denard46827258.1%152.34,33539267709-12
Collins, Todd42328166.4%155.53,64728119091-94
Brady, Tom48729260.0%134.13,63626155796-99
Grbac, Elvis43927863.3%149.83,50836176589-92
Harbaugh, Jim29219667.1%159.72,70421137785-86
Henson, Drew28616758.4%141.02,2401747598-00
Griese, Brian31718056.8%124.42,15318137595-97
Forcier, Tate27616961.2%132.32,00915116109-10
Dreisbach, Scott23612753.8%127.41,8101295895-97
Taylor, Michael20612259.2%138.21,6081264586-89
Brown, Demetrius1618854.7%135.81,3761095386-88
Threet, Steven1647747.0%97.8846875108
Gardner, Devin774761.0%164.8787635310-12
Mallett, Ryan994848.5%111.3631424807
Smith, Steve532445.3%129.3405535280-83
Leach, Rick292275.9%278.4385806376-78
Sheirdan, Nick803847.5%78.6352143507-09
Wangler, John291655.2%162.5292204576, 79-80

Denard also finishes 3rd in passing yards and TD passes and number 1 in interceptions. His QB rating is 3rd among the 1,000 yard passers. His yards per attempt really keep him in the running there. Devin Gardner is on track to take the all-time QB ranking title.

Receiving (top 20 in total receptions): 

Edwards, Braylon1522,12013.9296401-04
Terrell, David1181,84015.6175798-00
Walker, Marquise1141,47512.9117598-01
Avant, Jason1091,40312.985402-05
Breaston, Steve1071,07510.055003-06
Manningham, Mario991,63316.5196905-07
Roundtree, Roy931,50616.2107509-12
Hayes, Mercury811,46818.1105892-95
Alexander, Derrick791,31716.7159089-90,92-93
Mathews, Greg7984110.654006-09
McMurtry, Greg741,33418.095386-89
Arrington, Adrian7386311.873304-07
Streets, Tai721,12515.6105895-98
Howard, Desmond701,05015.0146489-91
Toomer, Amani701,33419.1127592-95
Askew, BJ646179.655899-02
Hemingway, Junior611,16419.1117707-11
Thomas, Anthony615418.904697-00
Morris, Jamie594357.412484-87
Odoms, Martavious5866411.435008-11

Roy Roundtree is the only departing senior in the top 20. He finished 7th in receptions, 4th in yards and tied for 6th in TD receptions. Jeremy Gallon is just off the top 20 (50-874-4-77) so he should crack the list next season. 

Unfortunately no on on defense cracked the interceptions leaders. Kovacs career ended with 2, Kenny Demens and Craig Row with 1.

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