Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and That

MSU knows how to win.

I liked the green in the Bemidji State uniforms. It just looks nice to me.

Watching Ekpe Udoh today made me think that if he hadn't transferred, M would have made the NIT this year. Maybe. And, if not, I blame it all on RR.

It seems that almost every NCAA Tournament B-Ball game I have seen, the announcers say something like "This has been a well-officiated game." Meanwhile, I'm thinking "They are so inconsistent." I don't watch enough college b-ball during the regular season, so I'm assuming inconsistent officiating is the norm.

What impresses me about hockey players isn't the agility they have on skates, nor the fancy helmets the goalies wear. But, it always amazes me that they always seem to know where their teammates are. Their awareness of the ice is incredible.

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  1. I agree officiating is variable. Compare the bumps a player in the post gets while making a move to shoot that aren't called to the ticky-tack fouls that sre called out between the circles - that weren't affecting a play.
    As far as I know the NCAA didn't also update their traveling rule like the NBA. Watch every exchange, NO ONE maintains the correct pivot foot. Why do they even have the rule?

    Michigan got the bad side of two goals last night. I thought at the time of Miami's second goal, "hmm, I wonder why he didn't blow the whistle?" Then the ref did blow a quick whistle to erase Lynch's goal in OT.

    I hate agreeing with Ira Weintraub, but I think Michigan deserved better.