Thursday, May 20, 2010

College football "Manifest Destiny"

Interesting article about the future realignment of college football here. His realignment of teams into four 16 team conferences is similar to what I did. Except of course he cuts the 120 teams down to 64. Interesting cut format. He starts by talking all teams that averaged over 50,000 in home attendance. 46 teams made that cut. Then looking at teams with over 30,000 avg home attendance that added another 26 teams for the 18 spots. Several teams from current BCS conferences miss the final cut. Duke, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Indiana and UConn are mentioned as omitted.

He makes no mention about what happens to the FBS tames that didn't make the 64 team cut. But one commenter made an interesting suggestion, treating it like a European Futbol league where the top non-qualifiers have a chance to replace the "worst" teams in the sweet 64 each season.

I like the concept - But I'd probably stick to six or eight 10 or 12 team conferences. so maybe 60-72 or 80-96 teams would make more sense to me.

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  1. The fewer teams in the BCS (or whatever they will be called) conferences, the worse off College Football will be. I'm surprised EPSN will allow this to happen. It will make 70% of the games they broadcast virtually useless.