Monday, May 3, 2010

FBS realignment Follow up

I started here with a realignment of the 120 FBS college football teams into ten 12 team conferences. I wanted to look at the relative strengths of the proposed conferences. Here are the results based on one year of CFRC final standings:

ConferenceRangeMeanMedianStd Dv
Far West20-11361.6757.0028.21
Rio Grande3-11769.9271.5041.66
Great Lakes32-12078.3379.0025.94
Ohio Valley6-11975.9279.5037.08
South East1-10749.0849.0032.96
Mid Atl8-8244.0839.5024.32

Based on this data, Michigan's Great Lakes Conference was arguably the weakest last season - a case could also be made for the Ohio Valley and Gulf conferences. The Mid-Atlantic, NorthEast and SouthEast were the strongest.

I was curious if there is a built in bias towards BCS schools. The Mid Atlantic conference does have 11 BCS school out of the 12 (poor ECU) at the other end of the scale The Rio Grande and the Ohio Valley only have 4 BCS schools. The GL has a respectable 7 of 12 (counting Notre Dame).
I hope to follow these proposed conferences this season to see how they fair.

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  1. I think you should do it for the last five years. Or 10. I wonder if there would be much change. The conferences with non-BCS schools would probably not fair as well the more years that are included, as they have really come on strong recently. I think the Bias towards BCS conferences/schools has decreased in the past few years. Non-BCS teams beating good BCS teams does that. I don't think it would take long with this system for a whole new group of "Top Teams" and "Bottom Teams" to develop.