Friday, January 14, 2011

Coach Hoke

As I discussed a few days ago, I'm not particularly happy with the whole coaching search. Brady Hoke may be the right choice, but I don't feel like the "process" was handled well.

Here's my take on what Brandon has told us of the process:
  • He really didn't know if he was going to fire Rodriguez - even after the Gator Bowl fiasco.
  • He hadn't had any serious talks with Jim Harbaugh prior to RR's firing
  • He only offered the job to Brady Hoke
Things that I think are true even though he told us they aren't:
  • This was never a national coaching search (I think the serious candidates were Harbaugh, Hoke & Miles)
  • It was completely limited to Michigan Men (as above)
  • Michigan was looking at cost or at least "value" when making the decision (Hoke is a lot cheaper than either Miles or Harbaugh would have been)
Brandon keeps bragging that he only offered the job to Hoke. I'd at least like to hear why he didn't offer it to Miles or certainly Harbaugh! Is it more than they wouldn't take it? A lot of perception is Miles would have taken it if he had been offered. Jaimie Morris on WTKA this weekend said he feels if Harbaugh had been seriously offered the job he would have taken it.

The most important aspect of the whole thing is none of this is Hoke's fault. As with every Michigan coach, I want him to succeed. He said the right things at the press conference. To my surprise he seems to have the majority of the "Michigan Family" united. Outside of the blog world, there hasn't been much negativity.

I guess we'll find out in 316 days when the regular season comes to the end.

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