Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pro-RR confusion

One of the arguments the anti-RR crowd uses is that in 2008 RR did not fit his system around the players he had, but rather tried to fit the players into his system.  Currently, the pro-RRers are saying that isn't true.

However, I remember very well in 2008 there were a lot of arguments about whether he should change his system or whether he should continue to implement it his way so it would help the overall transition in the long run.  And, back then, the pro-RR group was all for doing it the way RR was doing it, which was to have Steven Threet try to run the same offense that DRob is running today (read this sentence a few more times and let it settle in.  then, try not to laugh or cry).  Briangoblog had some long posts with this argument.  Heck, even RR in the past 2 years, when things were looking bad (like during a pre-bowl interview this year) brings up the issue of taking time for the transition into his system.  He doesn't say something like "It takes time to transition into my system because we are still running other kinds of offenses until we have all the correct personnel".  He just says it takes awhile to transition.

Why am I mentioning this now?  Because, even today, the day after the worse bowl loss in the history of University of Michigan football, I am reading, in blogs/fan fora, etc. that in 2008, RR didn't just try to implement his system, regardless of the personnel he had.  I'm guessing they are using the talent argument again, which may have some validity for a bad season that year.  But 3-9 came about because RR only cared about implementing his offense without regard to personnel.

Now that is has been said in bold/purple/underlined/highlighted in yellow, it is officially the truth.

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