Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Candidate for M Football Coach

If somehow, M isn't able to get JH or some other 'name' coach, I suggest they still fire RR and hire this guy:

This is Joe Tricario, the linebackers/special teams coach of the 6-5 FCS Stony Brook Seawolves.

Michigan connections:
-He used to coach at Furman, and I have a friend who went to Furman for law school.  That friend is from the Kalamazoo area.
-He coached in the CFL (Toronto) and the WLAF (Montreal).  Many people think the UP is in Canada.
-His father was the coach at Mt. St. Michael Academy.  St. Michael is the patron saint of artists.  Ann Arbor is known for being artsy.

Joe Tricario is a Michigan Man.

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