Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basketball Heartbreak (Make your free throws)

Crisler Arena was ready to explode last night. Denard Robinson was sitting amongst the Maize Rage and had moved down a few rows - he was anticipating the rush of the floor. And then this happened...

(photo credit Daniel Mears / The Detroit News)

The closest I can remember to the feeling was football vs. Colorado in 1994. But this was worse, as an underdog that desperately needed this win for tournament chances, I victory here was certainly less anticipated.

I have no problem at all with the strategy on Wisconsin's final possession. Great job using the fouls-to-give. I heard someone suggest that maybe a good idea would have been not to give the last foul since Wisconsin was probably anticipating it. I could see that maybe being somewhat effective.

I would have liked Michigan's final inbounds to go to Novak, who despite his inability to make anything from the floor, is still solid from the line, instead of Morris. The Indiana game showed he's not good at making clutch free throws.

The biggest free throws in Michigan history would have to be Rumeal Robinson making both ends of a 1-1 in OT vs Seton Hall in the 1989 championship game.

The first big free throw I remember was by Keith Smith over Magic Johnson and the eventual National Champion Spartans in January of 1979.

IIRC my sister Sue was at that game. I'm not sure if it was at this game or not but eventually she got both Keith and Mike McGee to wish me "Happy Brithday" (sic)

(Not sure why this is sideways... I've tried posting the original several times - making 90 degree turns to the original each time - and nothing seems to change...)

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